Best Air Cooler Under 7000 in India (April 2023)

Best Air Cooler Under 7000

Air coolers are the most affordable and cost-effective way to beat the heat in the summer. Plus, their portability makes them a great fit to move easily. Air coolers are energy-efficient compared to air conditioners. Air coolers come in various sizes, features, and prices. It isn’t easy to analyze as many options are available in the market, especially if you are considering a budget of 7000 which is really a good budget for purchasing an air cooler. Based on specifications, I have listed the best air coolers under 7000 in India in this article. I hope it will help you in making the right decision.

Our Top Picks

The symphony Ice Cube 27 air cooler is known for its stylish looks and efficient cooling capacity.

Bajaj is the most reliable brand. The Bajaj PX 97 Torque New air cooler in 36 litre is a durable product that lasts for longer years plus; a warranty of this ensures that it is worth the investment.

Quick Comparison of the Top Models

In this article, I have covered all the best air coolers under 7000 based on their specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. I have gone through each model and researched for you to help you make an informed and right decision.

Let’s read about them one by one.

Best Air Cooler Under 7000: In-depth Reviews

Here are the In-depth reviews of each model.

This air cooler from Havells looks elegant in White – Champagne Gold color. Available in 24 litres of capacity, this air cooler has a corrosion-resistant body and sturdy design. It has multi-directional castor wheels for easy movement and three-side honeycomb pads for efficient cooling, while the aerodynamically blades are for powerful cooling. This air cooler operates quietly, plus it is inverter compatible.

This air cooler from Havells looks elegant, available in turquoise blue. Multidirectional castor wheels make it convenient to move. With 18 liters of capacity, this air cooler is inverter compatible. Its low water alarm reminds you when and how much water you need to fill. The ice compartment fills with ice or cold water, providing you with cooler air. Plus, it creates very less noise. It has three-speed variable settings, which you can adjust accordingly per the requirement. With thermal overload protection, it automatically cuts off the voltage in case of high voltage.

This air cooler from Symphony is the best choice under 7000 if you want fresh, filtered air with effective cooling. With the capacity of the 27-liter water tank, this air cooler perfectly fits an area of up to 16 square meters. This air cooler features i-Pure Technology and high-quality honeycomb cooling pads, and dura pumps distribute cool and clean air to every corner of the room. The cool flow dispenser distributes the air evenly into the room. The water level indicator lets you know when to refill the water in the tank. The ergonomically designed control knobs are easy to operate.

This is the perfect option if you want perfect cooling with comfort for under 7000. With a 36-litre capacity, this air cooler comes with hexagonal design to deliver maximum cool air. Available in white colour this air cooler looks very elegant. Fan-based turbofan technology is for better air circulation. Equipped with three-speed control, you can easily adjust the airflow accordingly. Castor wheels make movements easy at any place. It has vertical auto swing with four-way deflection for maximum air spread.

Hindware is the perfect choice under 7000 for ultimate cooling and comfort. Its body is made of high-quality plastic, which makes it durable. With a 46-litre capacity, this air cooler is equipped with bactoshield honeycomb pads, which are hygienic, fresh, and odorless, and provide effective cooling. The water level indicator lets you know when to fill the water in the tank. Plus, it is inverter compatible. Equipped with air deflection technology, this air cooler provides even cooling by delivering the air in all four directions. The ice chamber helps in longer and faster cooling. With a highly efficient and powerful fan and louver mechanism, this air cooler is perfect for cooling any space with higher air delivery. It has three-speed control through which you can easily choose the settings per your requirement.

The Bajaj Frio Air cooler is a good choice if you want to enhance the overall cooling performance of your house. With a capacity of 23 litres, this air cooler with a hexagonal design is to provide maximum air with minimum water usage and is ideal for room sizes of up to 150 Sq Ft. This air cooler has Typhoon Blower Technology for quick and efficient cooling. Three-speed controls allow the facility to choose the settings per your requirements. It consumes very less power, 140 Watts. Ice chamber enhances the experience of extra cooling.

Crompton Marvel Neo 23 is a good option to consider under 7000 if you are looking for quick cooling, suitable for a room size of up to 150 sq. ft. Its high-density honeycomb pads are for cooling for longer hours. With an everlast pump, it comes with high-level TDS & jam, making it durable and lasting for years. With 4-way air deflection, you can adjust the airflow at your convenience. It uses only 165 watts of energy.

Points Considered while Reviewing this Article

There were numerous factors to consider when selecting & reviewing these air coolers. Here I have listed some of the important factors that greatly affected the selection process.

  • Portability

  • Power Consumption 

  • Honeycomb Pads

  • Noise Level

Time Spent on this Guide

The total time spent on this guide, from researching about the technology & products to testing them is 14.5 hours.

Time went into research
7 Hours
Time spent selecting the products
2 Hours
Time went into testing
5.5 Hours


To conclude, air coolers come in various sizes and types with many features. I would advise always doing research while buying the one as per the requirements. I have covered almost every best option under 7000 based on specifications and pros and cons. I hope it will help you in making an informed decision. 

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