Best Air Coolers [2023]: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Air Coolers
PS: We have completely revamped this guide for the year 2023, updating it with new products, features, prices, and offers.

In most parts of India, summer is an interminably long season full of sweltering heat that can be unbearable. This is when air coolers become indispensable, providing a cool and comfortable environment to beat the heat. Air coolers are an absolute necessity for both rural and urban households.

Air coolers in some ways are even better than air conditioners. They are much more energy efficient and cost much less to operate. Also, they do not require any special installation or ducting, making them convenient for use in homes. Air coolers can also be moved from room to room with ease and are perfect for smaller spaces such as apartments and studios.

With the multitude of air coolers offered by both national and international brands, finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this guide. We’ll evaluate the top air coolers based on important factors such as cooling efficiency, air delivery, design, power consumption, and cost to guide you in making a well-informed purchase. So, let’s get started

What is an Air Cooler & Who Should Invest in One

Air coolers are appliances that cool the air by drawing in hot air, passing it through moist filters, and releasing coolers due to the fan (generally an exhaust fan) that pushes the air out. They are a great cooling solution.

Air coolers are perfect for those who want to experience a comfortable environment without spending too much money on air conditioning bills. They also provide a safe and eco-friendly alternative to other cooling systems that rely on potentially hazardous chemicals like Freon or CFCs. Air coolers are easy to install, maintain, and operate and are readily available in markets.

Types of Air Coolers

While the concept of air coolers is the same that is drawing in hot air, cooling it, and pushing out the cooled air. You will need to place the unit outside a window and ensure cross-ventilation in order for the cooler to work best.

To distinguish between the various types, here are some different names used :

Desert Air Coolers:

These are large-sized units that are designed to cool larger rooms and halls, they use the typical evaporation technology to cool the air and need cross ventilation for optimal performance. Regardless of the size, you’ll find that these items are typically affordably priced and available in almost all leading brands as well as local varieties.

Personal Air Coolers:

These devices are typically small, made of plastic and designed for personal use or to fit in a confined area. They have the added benefits of being portable and easily transported while still providing powerful performance when used inside rooms or on desks.

Tower Air Coolers:

These designs are referred to as “towers” due to their tall and slim shape. They are a great option for those looking for air coolers that can cool larger areas and can be placed indoors. Tower coolers are the modern, fashionable choice for any living space. With a plethora of brands offering them in different styles and finishes, they conveniently fit snugly into corners or line up flush against walls.

Window Air Coolers:

As the name suggests, these are designed to be installed in a window or a hole in the wall. They use the outside air to cool the inside and come in many sizes and shapes.

Portable Air Coolers:

These are the same as the personal air coolers discussed above, many people term them “portable” air coolers since they are designed to be convenient and easy to move around.

Our Top Picks

There is no doubt about quality and reliability when it comes to the Bajaj. Bajaj PX 97 Torque air cooler is a perfect combination of quality and features which makes it a great choice.

When it comes to air coolers Symphony provides very energy-efficient and quality products. This cooler from symphony is the most durable product.

Orient has a global presence in terms of air coolers. This cooler is known for its excellent customer and sales support makes it a great investment.

Comparing the Best Air Coolers

Best Air Coolers : Reviews

Based on their features, efficiency, safety, and cost, here are our top 10 LG Washing Machine :

8Our Score
Best for Durability

  • 75 litre Capacity
  • 190 W Power
  • Honeycomb Pads
  • Castor Wheels
  • Cool Flow Dispenser
  • Dura Pump Technology
  • SMPS Technology
  • System Restore Function
  • i-Pure Console
  • Auto Louver Movement
  • Long-lasting Dura Pump
  • Ergonomic Control Knobs

The symphony brand gives powerful, durable, and reliable electronic appliances. With 75 litres of capacity, this air cooler is perfect for a room size of up to 37 square meters and large families. Castor wheels make this move easily anywhere in your desired location.

Its modern and elegant appearance is a great addition to any room. Grey colour is a perfect addition to any room interior. Its modern and elegant appearance is a great addition to any room. Its front grill delivers maximum air plus It consumes very less energy which means it is energy efficient.

It features two control knobs for adjusting the fan and cooling level which are also easy to use. Fan speed can be adjusted through a high, medium, and low whereas cooling may be adjusted with cool and cool+swing functions. Features with an i-pure console which is made of a multistage filter to reduce smell and allergy and other harmful contaminants whereas three side honeycomb pads help in cooling the room efficiently. 

The water overflow outlet releases the extra water when the tank is overfilled and the water release plug helps in draining water when the cooler is not in use. In an ice tray, you can add chill water or ice for cool air. It has an easy filing system of water and a water level indicator can help you in checking the water level. 

 With honeycomb pads, high water retention capacity, a long-lasting dura pump, and a cool flow dispenser, this air cooler helps you in keeping you cool during summer.

What We Liked
  • Proper cross ventilation

  • Wide Swing

  • Good and sturdy air throw

What We Did Not like
  • There is no on/off button

Where to Buy From

If you are looking for a good capacity air cooler with turbo cool technology and for ultimate experience this air cooler from Bajaj is the way to go! This lightweight air cooler looks very appealing in any room plus its portability makes it an efficient choice.

Featured with hexacool technology, this air cooler gives maximum cooling with less water consumption and is known for providing superior air quality. Its movable wheel is convenient for moving anywhere in the room. Auto swing feature helps in evenly cooling the room. 

With the capacity of a 36-Litre Water Tank, it can deliver superior air of 1500 CMH. It has turbo fan technology which can throw air up to 30 feet. It features a three-speed fan/blower, which adjusts air flow per your requirement. Its 4-way swing spreads the air widely.

Honeycomb pads keep the air free from bacteria. Additionally, one year of warranty makes it an excellent investment.

8.5Our Score
Best for Comfort

  • 36 litre Capacity
  • 190 W Power
  • Hexacool Technology
  • 3 Speed Control
  • 4-Way Swing Deflection
  • Anti-bacterial Honeycomb pads
  • Turbo Fan technology
  • 30-feet Air throw
  • Superior Air Delivery
What We Liked
  • Good looks

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

What We Did Not Like
  • Small water inlet

Where to Buy From
7.5Our Score
Best for Energy-efficiency & Portability

  • 60 litre Capacity
  • 190 W Power
  • Auto Swing Louvre
  • Inverter Compatible
  • Honey Comb Pads
  • Low Water Alarm
  • Control Panel

If you are looking for a compact, portable, and efficient at the same time look no further than this air cooler from Kenstar.

This air cooler from Kenstar comes in a 65-liter capacity along with the ice chamber, enhancing the cooling experience. It has a maximum airflow of 5600 m3/h and an average of 4100 m3/h.

Turbofan technology works well for efficient air circulation with a powerful airflow of 90 feet. 3 Speed control allows you to choose the setting as per your requirement. Its antibacterial technology prevents the growth of bacteria on honeycomb pads. A low water alarm helps you in reminding when the water is less.

What We Liked
  • Good airflow

  • Good cooling

  • Nicely Designed

  • Excellent build quality

What We Did Not Like
  • Too bulky

  • A bit Noisy

  • The small compartment

  • Plastic quality is not good

Where to Buy From

With 65 litres of capacity, it has a large chamber that is easy to clean.

This air cooler with castor wheels makes it convenient to move. It features a control panel which makes it easy to operate. Apart from this, its water level indicator lets you know when you need to fill the water. The four-way air deflection allows the air to spread widely.

With the auto-fill option, you don’t need to worry about the filling option. Plus, it is inverter compatible. Honeycomb pads keep this free from bacteria, and the auto drain knob keeps the humidity in control.

Overload protection provides durability and prevents it from overheating. Its ice chamber allows you to put in ice and cold water which keeps you cool. 

8Our Score
Best for Superior Cooling

  • 65 litre Capacity
  • 200 W Power
  • Auto-Swing
  • Auto-Drain
  • 4-Way Air Deflection
  • Honeycomb Cooling Pad
  • 5500 CMH
  • Ice Chamber
  • Fully Collapsible Louvers
  • Mosquito Net
What We Liked
  • Largest ice chamber

  • 3 pin plug

  • Easy Drain function

  • Rubbery drain plug

  • Good quality castor wheels

  • Everlast easy to clean pump

What We Did Not Like
  • Opening of this air cooler may be challenging as it consists of many plastic latches and screws which may be pointy sometimes .

Where to Buy From
7.5Our Score
Best for Good Looks

  • 31 litre Capacity
  • 185 W Power
  • Honeycomb Pads
  • Castor Wheels
  • Cool Flow Dispenser
  • Easy to Move
  • Empty Water Tank Alarm
  • SMPS Technology
  • System Restore Function
  • i-Pure Technology

If you are looking for quick and long-lasting cooling this air cooler for the symphony is a great option. 

This Symphony air cooler of 31 litres, made of high-quality plastic, is known for its i-Pure technology. It is perfect for small area heating and spot heating up to 17 square meters.

Equipped with an i-pure console this multistage filter of bacteria, smell, allergy, and dust helps in keeping your room free from odor and allergy. 4 smooth castor wheels allow you to take it anywhere. It sharply remembers and restores all the previous settings. 

The high speed of blowers keeps your room cool and can also be used on inverters. It is an energy-efficient option; hence it uses 185 watts of energy. With a stylish touch display, it is very easy to operate, and the remote control you can access to every function which makes it convenient to use. Its overflow outlet keeps water spillover at bay whereas the water release valve helps in emptying the tank. Cross ventilation allows maximum airflow.

SMPS Technology makes it safe to use; a one-year warranty gives you peace of mind.

What we Liked
  • Superior cooling

  • Easy to use panel

  • Responsive Buttons

  • Easy to move

  • Timer function

What we Disliked
  • High noise level

  • Short power cord

Where to Buy From

With 55 liters of huge capacity, this air cooler is a perfect addition for big places like the living room, gym, restaurants, and big offices. With 4-leaf aluminum blade fans, it can deliver an area of up to 3500 meters cube/hour and provide cooler air.

It creates very less noise which does not interrupt your sleep. It features a three side honeycomb resulting in moisture and cooler air. Autofill can automatically fill the water when required. It features an ice chamber and completely convertible louvers. 

The louvers help in preventing the entrance of insects and dust. Plus the service is free for 12 months from the date of purchase.

8Our Score
Best for Big Space

  • 55 litre Capacity
  • 220 W Power
  • 3-Side Honeycomb Cooling Pads
  • Auto Fill
  • Inverter Compatible
  • Fully Collapsible Louvres
  • 3-Side Cooling Pads
  • Castor Wheels
What We Liked
  • Cool and modern looks.

  • Good Build Quality

  • Premium Quality Plastic

  • Portable

  • Good quality control knobs

  • Low noise level fan

What We Did Not Like
  • Not very energy efficient

Where to Buy From

If you are looking for faster cooling with 25% more air throw then this is the perfect air cooler. With 65 litres of big capacity, this air cooler is equipped with aerofan technology which throws the air to the maximum region. Its outer body is from high-quality ABS material which makes it durable. Its castor wheels are for easy movement.

It has a dense nest honeycomb design for 45% more water retention for more cooling while the ice chamber is for quick cooling. It also prevents mosquito breeding.

Equipped with a 3-speed motor with collapsable louvers. Horizontal louvers are for manual movement whereas vertical louvers are for motorized movement. 

8.5Our Score
Best for Features

  • 65 litre Capacity
  • 190 W Power
  • Dense Nest Honeycomb Pads
  • Aero Fan Technology
  • Castor Wheels
  • 3-Side Cooling Pads
  • 3-Stage Fan Speed Adjustment
  • Abs High-Gloss Durable Body
What We Liked
  • Less noisy

  • Good Looks

  • Amazing air throw

What We Did Not Like
  • The water indicator is not of any use because you could not check the water level as per some customers.

Where to Buy From

Frequently Asked Questions

Which air cooler is better plastic or metal?

Steel air coolers are preferred because they have bigger cooling pads in comparison to plastic bodies. However, sometimes people prefer a plastic body because there is less probability of rusting.

Are air coolers worth the money?

Air coolers may be the reason for humidity in the air but by constantly moving you will get all the benefits of an air cooler. The humidity in the air can help you in preventing airborne disease and cold.

Is it OK to sleep with an air cooler on?

Sleeping with an air cooler on will dehumidify the region which will leave you dehydrated. 

Does the air cooler increase the electricity bill?

Air coolers are energy efficient in comparison to air conditioners resulting in lower electricity bills.

What to look out for when buying an air cooler?

Some features like inverter compatibility, power consumption, and quality are essential to look for when buying an air cooler. However, you can also look for some additional features such as a dust filter, ice chamber, remote control, anti-mosquito, and auto-fill function.

Do air coolers need ventilation?

In contrast to air conditioners, air coolers don’t need any outside ventilation. They work best when placed near a window or door. They can also be used as a humidifier.

Who should not use an air cooler?

Air coolers should not be used in rooms with high ceilings as the air cooler can not circulate the air efficiently in the high ceiling room and hence can not cool the room effectively. 

How much temperature can the air cooler reduce?

The air coolers can reduce the temperature from 5° to 15°F in a single room.


So the article has come to an end. Hope this has helped you out in finding the best air coolers available. However, it is necessary to search for the right information before purchasing any product. From our end, we have covered almost everything about air coolers, their type, and their features with pros and cons. Go through all the articles before making any decision we are sure you’ll find the perfect one as per your requirements. Still, if you have any questions do let us know in the below comment section.

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