Best Chimney under ₹15000 in India: Reviews

Best chimney under 15000

Are you looking for the best chimney under 15000? If yes, you’re at the right place. 15000 is a decent budget to buy the chimney. You can get a very good chimney with many advanced features for small, medium, and large kitchens in this budget.

With so many options available in the market, sometimes it isn’t easy to decide which one to buy.

This post will discuss all the best chimneys under 15000 available in India. In this article, we have reviewed the best five models under this price range. We have done this based on specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. We have included frequently asked questions to help you out with the best possible selection.

Our Top Picks

Elica brand is known for creating products with good quality and advanced technology.

Hindware is a very reliable brand that is popular for making high-quality products.

Best Chimney under ₹15000 in India: In-Depth Reviews

Below is the list of top products.

8.5Our Score
Best Overall

  • 1200 m3/hr Suction Capacity
  • Auto-Clean Chamber
  • LED Lights
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Baffle Filter
  • Digital Display

With a classy and modern look, this auto-clean chimney from Eurodomo enhances any kitchen’s look. The black colour matches any kitchen decor. It is perfect if you make very oily food. This wall-mount chimney is ideal if you have 3-5 burners in your kitchen.

Its high suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr can work well for a more than 200 sqft region. The baffle filter (stainless steel) from multiple curves effectively removes all the oil and grease particles. Two LED lights help you with the ease of cooking by lighting up.

1200 m3/hr power capacity ensures dust and smoke-free cooking. A touch control panel helps you with easy reading and operating.

The one thing required is cleaning every six months to work it effectively.

What We Liked
  • Good Looks

  • Easy to use

  • Good Suction Capacity

  • Less noise

What We did not Like
  • Installation is not provided for free by the company.

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Glen is a famous brand known for its wide range of home and kitchen appliances, including mixer grinders, hand blenders, cooktops, ovens, chimneys, air purifiers, geysers, and heaters. It is highly known for its durability, energy efficiency and high-quality performance.

This chimney from Glen is modern and stylish, giving your kitchen a beautiful appearance. Its curved glass design makes it easy to clean and takes less time to clean them. 60 cm width is enough if you have 2,3, or 4 stoves in your kitchen. 90 cm is perfect for stoves of bigger width. It is easy to operate the touch control display. You can start by just waving your hand.

It has a 3-speed setting which can easily be adjusted just by touching. Made from a flame-retardant body, it is safe to use, and the auto clean function helps in cleaning. The removable oil collector tray allows you to clean it easily. It has a copper motor of 100%, which makes it last longer. High suction power helps you remove the cooking odour effectively, whereas LED lights help in cooking conveniently.

Lastly, it comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty of 1 year Comprehensive and motors of 5 years.

8Our Score
Best for Durability

  • 3-Stage Speed Settings
  • Touch Control with Motion Sensor
  • Heat Auto Clean with 60W Element
  • The Suction Capacity of 1200 M3/H
  • Filterless
  • Ideal for a 2-4 Burner Stove
  • 58 Db of Max Noise
What We Liked
  • Nice look

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to maintain

  • Motion Sensor

What We did not Like
  • Sales services aren't that good

  • Makes noise

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7.5Our Score
Best for Less Noise

  • Filterless Technology
  • Auto-clean Technology
  • Touch and Gesture Control
  • Two Led Lights
  • The noise of 58 Db
  • Suction Power of 1200m3/h

Faber is a trustworthy Indian brand known for its high-quality kitchen appliances. It covers almost every segment, from the chimney to the dishwasher and air fryer. Chimneys from Faber are primarily known for their stylish looks and design.

The Faber Kitchen Chimney is a sleek and stylish wall-mounted kitchen appliance with a perfect black finish.

It is a perfect option if you have 2-4 burners at your home. Its suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr allows heavy frying and grilling for the kitchen of areas upto 100 to 200 sq ft. The gesture control option recognizes the physical interaction of the body and makes it easy to work. Two LED lights help in cooking conveniently.

It comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the motor.

What We Liked
  • Add class to your kitchen

  • Affordable

  • Durable

  • Easy to operate

  • Easy to clean

  • High suction

What We did not Like
  • Makes noise

  • Installation cost is extra

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Elica provides a wide range of high-quality products with ergonomic design and modern technology. It offers various products, including hoods, ovens, and pressure cookers. The products are easy to install, use, and manufacture using cutting-edge technology.

The Elica Chimney is a stylish and powerful appliance that keeps your kitchen odour-free. The sleek, curved design in black makes it a perfect addition to any kitchen interior.

Its filterless technology reduces cleaning time and has a powerful suction capacity to extract smoke and fumes by cleaning the air effectively. It is a quiet option with a noise level of 58 dB. Motion sensing technology helps it access easily by just waving your hand, and the removable oil collector from stainless steel makes sure of its durability and makes it easy to clean.

It comes with a warranty of 15 years and one year on the product, making it a good investment.

7Our Score
Best for Looks

  • Motion Sensor
  • Filter less Technology
  • Powerful suction capacity
  • Oil Collector
  • LED Lamp
What We Liked
  • Easy to operate

  • Sleek and stylish look

  • Easy to clean as its filterless

What We did not Like
  • Requires deep cleaning

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9Our Score
Best for Quality

  • Suction Capacity of 1200 m3/hr
  • Curved Design
  • Filterless Technology
  • Baffle Filter
  • Thermal Auto Clean Technology
  • Motion Sensing Technology

Hindware – A perfect blend of technology and design. Hindware offers various products like geysers, water purifiers, heaters and air purifiers. This brand is known for its energy efficiency and durability.

The hindware amyra with curved design improves the overall look of your kitchen. The screen prevents contact between the blower and motor from providing the best suction capacity, which keeps your kitchen free from smoke and other fumes.

The suction capacity of 1200 m³/hr is perfect for Indian kitchens. The control panel with auto clean function helps in cleaning with minimal effort. The motion sensor control is easy to operate by just waving your hand.

One year warranty makes this product value for money.

What We Liked
  • Easy to clean

  • Best for heavy frying and grilling

  • Easy to operate

What We did not Like
  • Higher noise level

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Best Chimney under ₹15000 in India: Frequently Asked Questions

Which chimney is best under ₹15000? ​

  • Elica 60 cm Auto Clean Chimney
  • Faber 90 cm Glass Autoclean Chimney
  • GLEN 60 cm Auto-Clean Chimney

Is a vertical or horizontal chimney better?

With an inclined chimney, you’ll get more cooking space, which is flexible and powerful.

Why is the Faber chimney the best under ₹15000? ​

Made from premium stainless steel, the faber chimney looks elegant with a curved glass body. Its suction technology keeps your kitchen free from smoke. It is easy to operate.

Which chimney size is best for the kitchen under ₹15000? ​

If you have one or two burners, a 60 cm chimney can work; however, if you have three to four burners, opt for a 90 cm chimney.

Which chimney is easiest to clean under 15000?

Auto-clean chimneys are easy to clean as they have an auto-clean function. A baffle filter in the chimney is more effective in catching oil and other greasy substances and odour, resulting in a fresh and clean kitchen.

Which chimney has the best suction power under ₹15000?

Hindware Nadia 90 cm 1350 m³/hr is the best kitchen chimney with a suction capacity of 1350 m³/hr.

Which brand of the chimney is good under ₹15000?

Elica, GLEN, and Hindware come with a good suction capacity.


In conclusion, it depends from person to person and their specific needs and preference which features you are looking for. It is essential to research first based on the requirements.

Hope this article will help you in finding the best chimney under 15000 if you have any queries feel free to connect in the comments below.

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