Cello Air Cooler Price List-2023

Cello Air Cooler Price List

Established in 1982 Cello is a well-known global brand for quality and reliable products created by Mr. G. D. Rathod.

Cello has improved the traditional way of cooling with the innovation of air coolers with advanced cutting-edge technology, powerful fans, and blowers. 

In the below list, I have created a complete cello air cooler price list which you can refer to get an idea about while purchasing an air cooler in India. It makes various air coolers, including Personal Coolers, Desert Coolers, and Window Coolers.

Latest cello Air Cooler Price List - 2023​

Price (approx)

Here are some of the unique features which Cello provides in the air coolers:

Inverter Compatibility 

Some of the cello air coolers come with this feature of inverter compatibility, making it a good choice to purchase. It means they can run even when electricity is not present. 


The digital remote means you can easily control your product from where you are, making it the best choice. Cello air coolers are equipped with this feature, making them convenient. 

Ice Chamber 

The ice chamber is another feature that Cello provides for better cooling and cooling for longer hours, which you can get by filling this tray or chamber with chilled water or ice. 

Water Level Indicator

With the water level indicator, you can often free yourself from the hassle of filling the water. It keeps you updated about the water level. 


So this was all about the brand Voltas air cooler, price list, and some specific features they provide. Hope this will help in buying any Cello air cooler.

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