IFB Washing Machine Error Codes: Explained & Resolved

IFB Washing Machine Error Codes

Are you an IFB washing machine user? If yes, then you must have come across error codes that appear on the display of your device. It is not uncommon for these machines to throw up errors from time to time and it can be quite concerning if you don’t know what the code means or how to fix it. To help you out, we have compiled a list of all the IFB washing machine error codes with their explanation and ways to fix them. So if your IFB washing machine gives out any error code, make sure to refer back here so that you can troubleshoot it without any hassle.

List of IFB Washing Machine Error Codes

Display Code
How to solve

rinS HOLd

This code is displayed at the Rinse – Hold step.

Press the Start/Pause button and choose the drain program.


This is a reminder that the Delay Start Mode has been activated. 

Don’t worry; this isn’t an error message!


The door is not securely shut, and locked. 

Ensure the door is properly shut.


Door Lock Error – door won’t open.

Switch off the machine and restart it after 2 minutes. If that doesn’t work, call an IFB service engineer.


The tAP error code can be triggered for a few reasons, typically indicating that the machine is not receiving water.

  • Turn on the water tap
  • Wait for the correct water pressure.
  • Clean the inlet filter.
  • Removing any bends from the inlet hose.

tACO or trC

The trC or tACO is a door error. This occurs when clothes get stuck between the drum and the., thus preventing it from opening properly.

  • Turn off the machine & restart after 2 minutes.
  • Get rid of any water still in the machine.
  • If you are still receiving an error message contact IFB Care for assistance.


The dPEr is a drainage error caused by either a clogged drain hose or a blocked filter.

  • Press the Start/Pause button.
  • Switch off your machine and clean your filter.
  • Clean your outlet pipe.


This error code will appear if the water temperature is higher than 60 degrees.

  • Allow the water to cool down.
  • Restart the machine
  • If you still encounter the same issue call IFB Care.


It is an unexplained error.

  • Contact IFB Care and reserve a service request.


Malfunctioning water pressure sensor.

Restart your machine. If you are still faced with the same error message contact IFB Care right away.


Abnormally high input voltage.

If this is a localized issue; the machine should reboot when voltage levels return to normal. However, if you experience regular errors then call out an electrician and test the voltage of your electricity supply!


Low input voltage.

If the issue is local, your washing machine should start normally once things have returned to normal. However, if this error keeps occurring frequently then it’s best to call a certified electrician and resolve the problem right away.


An uneven load distribution.

Find a way to even out the load.

Standard Error Codes Visible on These Machines

Display Code

Reason or Cause

How to Fix


Doors that are open or closed incorrectly.

Close the door correctly & restart.


Insufficient water supply.

Inspect your water supply and ensure a steady flow of water.


A faulty electrical connection

Replace any worn-out sockets & Ensure the plug is firmly and correctly inserted.


Caused due to a delayed start

Your washing machine will restart after 30 minutes.


Inlet water is too cold or insufficient input voltage.

Wait until the program has finished.


A blocked coin in the drum, causing an interruption.

Remove the coin from the drum. If you are not able to do that contact IFB Care for support.

Troubleshooting Tips

Besides the previously mentioned error codes, take a look at these few tips to help you out with any IFB washing machine situation! Don’t worry – not all issues need technical assistance. See if your problem matches one of the listed symptoms below and then act accordingly.

LED display does not glow

The power supply is not turned ON

Make sure your power supply is switched on. If you don't see the appliance illuminated, double-check if it's been plugged in tightly to its socket. If that isn't the problem, then select an appropriate program and witness how it lights up on LED display!

The door doesn't open

This machine could be running!

If the program is running, you won't be able to open the door. You can take a break from your cycle and verify that no error messages appear on the LED display. If water levels are high or temperatures/speed settings are too intense, it's also impossible to unlock the door. Lastly, if Child Lock is enabled, simply disable it and wait a few minutes – once this happens, you'll see an illuminated Door symbol indicating everything's ready for opening!

The program doesn't start

Have you pressed the Start/Pause button yet?

To fix this issue, press the Start/Pause button. If your tap is not providing water or there's low pressure, open it completely to get back to normal flow levels. The IFB washing machine will only work if the door is properly closed; so make sure you do that! In case the program is in either Pause/Soak or Rinse/Hold mode - for a better understanding refer to the user manual and act accordingly.

Washing machine fails to intake water and the detergent won't drain away

If the tap isn't running or water pressure is low, open it up and make sure you have enough normal flow for your needs. Be sure to firmly shut the door – One extra tug won't hurt, just make sure it's closed securely. The water inlet pipe might be curved, or the filter could potentially be blocked – Check for kinks within your hose and untangle them. Don't forget to cleanse the filters as well!

Soap escaping from the machine

A surplus of foam in the washing drum could cause garments to be left with a soapy film. To get the best results, always use a detergent as directed by its manufacturer. Minimize your detergent use for optimal results. Swap from a cold wash program to a hot one for optimal results! The water pressure may be weak - Wait until the force of the water has increased to its usual level.

Water leaking from the machine

The inlet connection may be loose - check the fitting and tighten it if necessary Filter could also be slightly misaligned - make sure that's securely fastened An issue with a leaky inlet hose - contact IFB care immediately as this requires replacing.

Washing machine is not draining properly

The filter might need a good clean-out – Make sure the filter is clear and unclogged. The drain hose should be on the floor - Place it below the machine for optimal performance. Any kinks or clogs in the drain hose? Carefully remove any kinks and ensure that nothing obstructs its flow.

Washing machine isn't spinning

If the machine is unbalanced, adjust your load for best results. If you've loaded too many clothes, simply take some out to prevent overloading. Make sure that you have the high spin speed option rather than a lower one. To initiate the wash cycle, don't select Rinse Hold; choose Start/Pause instead! Check and be certain that all filters are clear of blockage - if not then unclog them as soon as possible. Lastly, use only an appropriate amount of detergent specific to this machine in order to avoid excessive foaming or sudsing up.

Washing machine rattles and shakes

Be sure the machine is correctly leveled; if not, adjust it accordingly. Unclog any partially blocked filters to ensure their effectiveness. Furthermore, add some clothes to balance out an unbalanced load for proper spinning capabilities.

The motor emits an ear-splitting sound

Generally, IFB motors are known to be quite loud when running. Yet if the noise is too bothersome or intrusive for your liking, you can always have a certified IFB technician inspect it for any problems.

The pump generates a loud hum

If the noise from your pump is causing you distress, then let an IFB service take care of it for you. With regular servicing and maintenance, they can ensure that all sound coming from your motor or pump are kept to a minimum.

In conclusion

As we’ve explored, IFB washing machines may produce error codes that require specific solutions. Additionally, other issues can occur without the assistance of an error code to guide us through their resolution process. To put it simply – you should understand how to effectively troubleshoot any problems with your machine!

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