Symphony Air Cooler Price List: 2023

Symphony Air Cooler Price List

Symphony Limited is an Indian electronic company. Symphony makes energy-efficient, good-quality air coolers for homes and offices. The company was established in 1988 in Ahmedabad and became a trustworthy brand in the Indian market. 

Symphony provides various air coolers, portable air conditioners, and air purifiers according to customers’ requirements. The brand is developing eco-friendly and energy-efficient products with good performance.

Symphony air coolers come with the latest features like remote control, digital display, and automatic temperature control for the best user experience.

Latest Symphony Air Cooler Price List - 2023​

Price (approx)

Latest Invention

Symphony Limited, an Indian air cooler company, launched a personal cooling device called ‘Duet Mini’ in 2022. The Symphony Duet Mini is a portable personal air cooler known for its performance and affordability
It has features like Honeycomb cooling pads, an automatic swing, and a multi-stage air purification system. It has 10 liters tank capacity with 80 watts of power consumption; it provides less energy and is an eco-friendly and reliable air cooling product. It offers up to eight hours of continuous cooling.


Dura-Pump Technology: Symphony air coolers have Dura-Pump technology that makes the cooling pads durable. 

I-Pure Technology: Symphony air coolers come with i-Pure technology; this is a multi-stage air purification technique, including dust filters, smell filters, allergy filters, and bacteria filters. It prevents various air pollutants from entering indoors.

Digital Display: Symphony air coolers come with a digital display. We can check temperature and humidity levels. We can set the settings according to need.


Symphony air coolers are the first choice for the Indian air cooler market, known for their modern technology. Here it was all about the pricing and some features. I hope it will help you out in making the right decisions.

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