Usha Air Cooler Price List- 2023

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Usha is a synonym for build quality. Established in 1983, Usha is known for its reliability and quality. Its main motive is continuously increasing to deliver the best to its consumers. It delivers good customer satisfaction with higher services and quality. 

Usha covers almost every product range, including air purifiers, room heaters, air coolers, water purifiers, chimneys, and pressure cookers

Usha air coolers are known for their quality and reliability. In this list, I have listed the best Usha air coolers price list, which definitely will help you while buying an air cooler in India

Latest Usha Air Cooler Price List - 2023

Price (approx)

Let’s study which points make these Usha air coolers different from the others:

4-Way Air Deflection

The 4-way air deflection in coolers refers to the adjustment of airflow, which allows you to keep the direction as required. This feature helps you in providing even cooling. With adjustable louvers or vents, this feature provides the facility of direct airflow as per your requirements. 

Auto Fill

The Autofill feature fills the water automatically when required. This feature often keeps you away from the hassle of filling the water.

Mosquito Net

This mosquito net helps in preventing the entrance of mosquitoes and other harmful bacteria, resulting in the high-quality, clean, and fresh air.

Float Technology

This technology ensures no waste of water and makes sure there is sufficient water in the tank. 

Inverter Compatibility 

Inverter Compatibility means usha air coolers are inverter compatible, meaning they can also run in case electricity is not present in the areas where power cuts frequently. 


I have compiled a product list of all the best Usha air coolers available. Hope this will help you purchase the best air coolers available in the Indian market.

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