Voltas Air Cooler Price List: 2023

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“Engineering a better world begins with imagining it.”

Voltas ( Volkart brothers and Tata Sons) – One of the top-selling Indian brands within the Tata Group known for its air conditioning and cooling expertise. Established in 1954, it launched the first split ac in 1954 and a five-star rated air conditioner in 2007. Covers almost every ac, like inverter AC, window AC, and split AC. It became the market leader. 

Recently voltas launched beko appliances with an equal partnership with  Arçelik Group – an international brand. A recent collaboration and blend for sophistication and class, designed to analyse the customer’s standard requirements.

Another latest invention from Voltas is the “Voltas Maha Adjustable Inverter AC,” designed to provide efficient and effective cooling while lowering energy consumption. What makes it different is it has a unique adjustable mode that can run on different capacities depending on the number of people and weather conditions.

Below I have listed the price list of all the best-selling Voltas air coolers available in India.

Latest Voltas Air Cooler Price List - 2023

Price (approx)


Here are some of the features:

The Voltas know the values of their customers. It understands the customers’ requirements and hence makes quality products as per the need. It makes a variety of air coolers with some unique features which keep them different from other air coolers in the category.

1. Intelligent Air Purification:

Some of the air coolers form voltas equipped with this intelligent air purification technology which filters out dust and other particles resulting in the clean and fresh air.

2. Smart Humidity Controller: 

This feature helps adjust the humidity levels, providing maximum cooling and comfort.

3. Turbo Air Throw:

 This feature provides cool air even at some distance from the air cooler.

4. Controls Panels:

Some Voltas air coolers feature a control panel which makes them easy to use and helps adjust speed level, swing level, and pump. 

5.  Water Level Indicator and low water tank alarm

Some air coolers come with a water level indicator or low water tank alarm, which keeps you away from the hassle of filling the water many times. 

6. Other Features:

Some advanced features like remote control make them convenient to use. 

These were some features that made the Voltas air conditioner different from others. 


So this was all about the price list of all the Voltas products. I hope this will help you out in giving the better understanding of the brand. 

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading!

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