Best Wall Mount Room Heaters [2023]: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Wall-mounted heaters are the saviours of winter. They are safe to use and provide a very cosy temperature to feel warm and safe at home. If I talk about safety concerns, like if our pets and kids are playing around the house and suddenly they come around the area of the heater which has been placed on the ground, then we may feel very scared that they might get hurt if they get close to that heater. In that case, it is very safe to use wall-mounted heaters. It will make our room safe and give us a warm and cosy environment for our kids and pets.

They spread heat all across the room evenly and are easy to use. Just like ACs, they also need cleaning every span of 3 months. It is a perfect heating option for a small home or work space as it is fixed on any wall. That’s why people want to install it on a prior basis for the better use of space and safety concerns of the house.

Points Considered while Reviewing this Article

There were numerous factors to consider when selecting & reviewing these Wall Mounted Heaters. 

Here I have listed some of the important factors that greatly affected the selection process.

  • Size
  • Covered Area
  • Ease Of Maintenance
  • Safety Features
  • Type of Heater

Time Spent on this Guide

The total time spent on this guide, from researching the products to testing them is 16.5 hours.

Time went into research
5 Hours
Time spent selecting the products
2 Hours
Time went into testing
6.5 Hours

Our Top Picks

Weltherm WM SCORCHER is a wall-mounted heater that is perfect for those cold winter days. The PTC heating element is a safe and efficient way to heat your home. The heater is built to last with its high-quality construction.

This wall heater is specially designed for low-energy houses and buildings. The octane+ ERP standard operates with very low power, making it one of the most efficient wall heaters on the market today. Additionally, the glass front panel and Glim LED display make this heater a stylish addition to any home.

Quick Comparison of the Top Models

Nowadays the market is full of different kinds of products. These products are good in quality and look both. But the product that will fulfil our needs is the product we should buy. So in the case of wall-mounted heaters, we also need to check whether the product is fulfilling our demand. All we have to do is go through the product’s features and reviews and finalize based on their performance.

I have personally gone through each model and reviewed all the best options for heaters available in India and reviewed. 

By going through all these points and reviews based on their performance, pros, and cons, you will conclude which heater is good for you or is the perfect fit for your needs. 

I have also included some frequently asked questions at the end of this. 

So without delay a min let’s get started:

420 Watts

Convection Heater

1000-2000 Watts

ERP Standard

Best Heaters in India: In-depth Reviews

Here are the In-depth reviews of each model.

8.5Our Score
Best for Reliability

  • LED with touch screen
  • Remote control
  • 3- Speed Control
  • Shock Proof Body
  • Chrome Plated Handle
  • Vacuum Grip
  • Turbovent Technology
  • Anti-finger Mark Coating

Weltherm Wm Scorcher heater works on a PTC heating element, which is very convenient and safe for our home. This heater has proved to be perfect for those cold winter days to feel cosy. This heater is very durable according to its upto-the-mark construction.
To keep us comfortable, it has two settings, which come as 1000 to 2000 watts. We can get proper heat to be comfortable in these two heat settings. Its built-in thermostat feature makes it easy for our temperature-control task. Not only for winter days, but this heater has a special feature for summer also. It also has a fan mode, which will help cool the house in the summer. The led display works as a cherry on the top feature as it gives it a modernized and classy look, and it is easy to know the temperature by using this feature.
This product has so many wonderful features, one of which is the adjustable oscillating function. It works for adjusting the direction of heat as we want. It has a tip-over switch which will automatically shut the heater if it tips over. The overheat protection system is a useful safety feature because it will secure us from potential hazards.
The high quality of construction of this heater and its safety features make it a safe and best option for our home. It will make our home warm, cosy and safe at the same time.


What I Liked
  • Easy to use Touch screen panel

  • Good Looks

  • Excellent Quality

  • Durable

  • Steel Body

What I Disliked
  • Its a bit expensive

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The Super Atom wall heater is perfect for a small room or a medium size room. It is not only good in looks but it adds a very warm and comfortable feel in any space.The design of this heater is very high tech and it is beneficial to those people who want a noiseless and peaceful sleep because this heater doesn’t make any sound while working.
Saving energy and enhancing the experience of heating are the two pillars it is working upon because it has a setting of 1000-2000 watts and has three performance modes like Fan mode ,Low Mode, and high heat mode.
The heating element it works up-to is PTC which is very energy efficient. It gives warmth and safety both without any worries of electricity bill.
This heater comes with quick heating capabilities and starts at 23˚C at a preset time.This is also the default setting temperature.We have so many options to customize heat according to our need and with the help of LED display and control panel with so many features. When the heater is switched on it glows blue and when the heater is off the lights automatically turn off.
To avoid any damage the overheat protection feature of the heater switches off when it overheats. We receive thermal protection and a fuse in case of overheating. We can control the temperature by using a remote control even if we are standing at a distance from the heater. The range of setting the temperature is 10 and 49 degrees Celsius.We can set the timer too . The noise is also in control as the level of decibel is 50 decibel.
One year warranty is one more thing which makes us more tension free plus it gives additional warranty on registration too.



8Our Score
Best for Durability

  • LED Digital Display
  • 3 Operating Modes
  • Overheat Protection
  • Appointment Function - Heater Will Start Automatically At 23˚C On Preset Time
  • Remote Control
  • 1 year warranty
What I Liked
  • Low Noise Operation

  • Compact and light weight

What I Disliked
  • Not Economical

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8Our Score
Best For babies and pets

  • Automatic Shut Off
  • produces IR radiation
  • Energy Saving
  • Sleek & beautiful design gels
  • Suitable for upto 200 Square Feet area
  • uses aero heating element
  • Eco-Friendly

The safest heater for your babies and pet .It is free from harmful chemicals and fumes so this infrared room heater is the best gift you can give to your kids and pets.the infrared technology that is used by this electric heater make your space warm quickly and efficiently.To control the temperature of our room quickly we have facility of remote control and the timer which makes the task much more accessible.Thus, it is a an ideal choice for our family.
Now, let us talk about its classy and elegant look which makes it look premium, and modern ,luxurious. This heater is suitable for the area around 200 square feet. It can be used in bedrooms, outdoor rooms,living rooms etc.
An enjoyable and radiant heat is produced by this heater which makes people feel warm instead of pushing air warm. This heater works on IR radiation ,that simulates sun rays.That gives the experience of rising sunlight in room plus it doesnt burn any oxygen. So we can use it safely at small and compact places.It can warm indoor places and outdoor places as well.

What I Liked
  • Low Noise Operation

  • Affordable

  • Heater Will Start Automatically At 23˚C On Preset Time

What I Disliked
  • Without Touch Screen

  • No Swing Air Function

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This heater is perfect for those chilly winter days. The Cozy Heater also has a built-in fan to circulate the heat, making it evenly distributed throughout the room. With a 420-watt power output, this heater will keep you cozy all winter long!

The product is safe for kids and pets as there is no exposed electric element. If you suffer from asthma or dust allergies, this is the perfect product for you! It is safe for children, disabled persons, and pets  and an economical option however you may check some more affordable options under 2000. This product has been internationally tested and proven to meet high standards.

The Cozy Heater is ideal for those chilly winter days. The built-in fan in this heater ensures that the heat is equally distributed throughout the space.

8.5Our Score
Best for Professionals

  • No exposed electric element
  • Ideal for asthma and dust allergy sufferers
  • Safer for children, disabled persons and pets
  • Affordable
  • Meets international standards
What I Liked
  • Energy Efficient

  • 3 Year Warranty

What I Disliked
  • Smells Very Toxic

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9.5Our Score
Best For Longer Usage

  • Glim LED display
  • One touch start
  • No oxygen Burning
  • Sleep Mode
  • Remote Control
  • Triple safety assurance including Thermostat
  • Thermal Cutout and Safety switch

The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install, while the three power settings allow you to choose the right amount of heat for your needs.

The heater also features an intelligent thermal cut-off protection system that kicks in when the unit gets too hot, ensuring safe operation at all times. With its IPX4 splashproof rating, the Weltherm WM-Aquecedor Wall Mount Heater is also perfect for use in the bathroom. Finished in white, the heater comes with a 1-year warranty.

The LED display is clear and easy to operate, even in low-light conditions. Three power settings: You can choose the right amount of heat for your needs with three different power settings. The one-touch start button makes it easy to get the heater up and running. The Weltherm WM-Aquecedor Wall Mount Heater is a safe and efficient way to heat any room.

The Weltherm WM-Aquecedor Wall Mount Heater has an IPX4 splashproof rating, making it safe for use in the bathroom. The sleep mode function automatically reduces the heater’s power output after 2 hours, making it safe to leave on overnight.

What I Liked
  • Modern Design

  • Remote Control

What I Disliked
  • Expensive

  • No Touch Screen

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This wall heater is specially designed for low-energy houses and buildings. The octane+ ERP standard operates with very low power, making it one of the most efficient wall heaters on the market today. Additionally, the glass front panel and Glim LED display make this heater a stylish addition to any home.

This wall heater is specially designed for low-energy houses and buildings. The octane+ ERP standard operates with very low power, making it one of the most efficient wall heaters on the market today. Additionally, the glass front panel and Glim LED display make this heater a stylish addition to any home.

This heater is a product which everyone must have at their home in winters. It not only warm the room but makes you feel cozy by spreading the heat across the room evenly so that you don’t have to get close by heater to get some warmth. Element wall heaters are specially designed to spread heat and control the drop in temperature.


7.5Our Score
Best for Features

  • Full Function Remote control
  • Glass Front Body
  • Open window function
  • 8 hours timer
  • Manual Remote
  • ERP standard
What I Liked
  • Touch Screen

  • Remote Control

  • Fast Heating

  • Super Quiet

What I Disliked
  • Not Any

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Best Wall Heaters in India: Buying Guide

Your search for an ideal wall-mount heater ends here. Here I have described proper guidance of buying a wall-mounted heaters. So that you can find the perfect product according to your need.

Types of Heaters

There are two main types of wall-mount room heaters: convective and radiant.

Convective heaters

Convective heaters work by circulating hot air around the room using a fan. They are usually more expensive than radiant heaters but also more efficient.

Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters work by infrared radiation, which heats objects in the room directly. They are cheaper than convector heaters, but they are not as efficient.

Factors to Consider When Buying Wall Heaters

When choosing a Wall Heaters, it’s essential to consider the following factors:


The first and foremost thing when buying a Wall Heater is the brand. Always look for the well and reputed brand. The good brand offers good services which help in saving your time. Hence it is recommended to look for the best brand while choosing.


Next, you need to consider the size of the room you want to heat. Wall mount room heaters are available in various sizes, so you must choose one that is big enough to heat your entire room.

Ease of Use

There are a variety of features that you may want to look for in a wall-mount room heater. Some heaters come with remote controls so you can turn them on and off from across the room. Other heaters come with timers so that you can set them to turn off after a certain amount of time.


You need to consider your budget. Room heaters that mount on the wall can vary significantly in price, so be sure to choose the one that fits both your needs and your budget.

Area Covered

Wall-mounted room heaters are placed on the wall. The size of your room will affect how effective the heater is. You may need to buy a larger heater if you have a large room On the other hand, if you have a small room, you can save money by buying a smaller heater.

Safety Features

When choosing a wall-mount room heater, it is important to choose one with safety features. For example, look for a heater with an automatic shut-off feature so that it will turn off if it gets too hot. Also, look for a heater with a tip-over switch so that it will turn off if it falls over.


When choosing a heater warranty is an essential feature to consider. A good warranty can give you peace of mind that the product you are buying is worth considering. A good warranty can help you with easy repair if you’re finding any other difficulties. The product is of high quality, and your investment is worth it.

Now that you know what to look for, we hope you can find the best wall-mount room heater for your needs.

How to Maintain Your Wall Heater

Maintaining of your electric wall heaters is not a big task but it will give you benefit of the life time. it will work more smoothly and will last longer.

1.Keep your wall heater clean so that dust particles and other stuff don’t hamper its smooth functioning. You can do it yourself or can call a professional to take care of this.

2. Keep checking the connections and sockets that are attached properly in order to avoid any short circuit. 

3. Don’t forget to switch off your wall heater when not in use. 

This wall heater is specially designed for low-energy houses and buildings. The octane+ ERP standard operates with very low power, making it one of the most efficient wall heaters on the market today. Additionally, the glass front panel and Glim LED display make this heater a stylish addition to any home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do wall heaters use a lot of electricity?

Your wall heater is usually the reason your utility bill is so high each month, costing you 44 percent of the total. And as time goes on, these expenses will only continue to increase.

How long do wall heaters last?

Wall heaters take up less space so that you can be more flexible with your furniture. They also usually last 8 to 12 years.

Where should wall heaters be placed?

The best place to put your heater is under the window. If you don’t have enough space for a panel heater, you can also choose a wall strip panel heater, which is lower and more prolonged. By putting the heaters under the windows, you’re heating the cold air descending from the window glass instead of having cold drafts along your floor.

Do wall heaters make noise?

Significantly when parts of the furnace expand or contract due to heating and cooling. Also, these noises are just a part of running your furnace. Out of all the types of furnaces used today, wall furnaces usually make the most noise.

What are wall heaters called?

Wall furnaces are self-contained, compact heating equipment permanently installed in or on a building’s walls and vented straight through the wall or roof.


It is essential to research everything before making any decision. So it is advisable to go through all the aspects of specific products. This guide will help you choose the right Wall Heaters available in India. Now it is your time to note the requirements; go through the whole article, note everything about the product, and you are good to go !!

If you’re interested in learning more about room heaters, check out our other articles on the best room heaters in India.

Visit some of our guides on room heaters:

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If you find any difficulties or doubt or might I have missed something. Let me know in the below comments.

I would be happy to help!!

Happy Shopping.

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