Best AC Under ₹25000 (May 2023)

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In this sweltering summer heat, when the temperature looms, staying cool and comfortable is the top priority. In such hot and humid temperatures, keeping cool is sometimes difficult, especially if you don’t have an air cooler and air conditioner at home. Air coolers rely on evaporation and face limitations in effectively cooling in extreme heat, while air conditioners provide consistent cooling regardless of temperature. However, the air conditioner that satisfies your cooling needs and fits your budget too might sound like a daunting task when we have many available options. You are at the right place if you are also one of them. 

In this article, we have curated the list of best air conditioners under 25000, which is quite a good amount for buying an AC. At this price range, the maximum AC you will get is window AC, whether it is for 1 or 1.5 tons. Window AC works best if you have a small space for cooling. Plus, they are easier to maintain and easily affordable. 

 Let’s explore the realm of budget-friendly air conditioners under ₹25000 and discover the perfect cooling solution for your home needs.

Our Top Picks

The best part about the LG 2-ton split AC is, it can automatically adjust the power as per the heating load.

The Carrier 2-ton split AC is famous for its quality. They are, however, expensive but worth considering.

Quick Comparison of the Top Models

Discover the ultimate guide to the best AC Under ₹25000 in this comprehensive article. We have thoroughly examined and reviewed each option. We will provide detailed insights step by step, helping you make an informed decision. Explore now and find the perfect cooling solution for your needs.

AC Under ₹25000: Reviews

Here are the In-depth reviews of each model.

The Voltas SAC 123 Vectra Platina Fixed Window 1 Ton AC under ₹25000 comes with various features. It has features including Anti Dust Filter and Auto Swing, which ensure ambient comfort and cooling. It is one of the energy-efficient options with an energy rating of 3 stars. Antimicrobial Air Filtration keeps the air clean and fresh; its coil of 100% pure copper makes it durable. Its self-diagnosis mode automatically detects errors.  

The next option under ₹25000 is the Lloyd Window AC in 1 ton. With an energy rating of 2 stars and an ISEER Value of 2.97, this air conditioning unit is the energy-efficient option. Bluefin coils make products durable and also of less maintenance. 100% Copper Tubes make it durable and help in better heat exchange. Air filters keep the air clean and healthy, plus the use of R32 makes it environmentally-friendly. 

Blue Star Window AC with a capacity of 0.8 Ton, this AC under ₹25000 is a great option to consider if you are looking for good features. With an energy rating of 3 stars and an ISEER Value of 3.14, this AC is worth considering. It allows you to provide comfortable sleep modes, including Auto/Cool/ Fan / Dry and turbo cooling, which you can change as per the requirements. It also has features like humidity control and 2D Swing. Self-diagnosis features can easily identify errors. 

This Godrej AC in 1.5 tons is an ideal choice to consider under ₹25000 and is suitable for medium-sized rooms. It comes with an energy rating of 3 stars and an ISEER value of 3.15. Its blue fins make it unique, which makes it anti-corrosive, resulting in increased durability. Anti-Dust Filter makes the air clean and fresh while Self Diagnosis allows it to recognize the air conditioner problem. 

The O’GENERAL Window AC is a powerful cooling solution under ₹250000 loaded with impressive features. The 0.8 Ton capacity of this AC is designed to cool an area of 90 square feet. It has a 5-star rating, making it the most energy-efficient option. This window AC cools rooms evenly and continuously and provides an exceptional cooling experience.   It is equipped with a Blue Fin condenser that protects it against corrosion and makes it rust-free. Plus, it operates silently, which makes it a perfect option. 

The Voltas AC in 0.8 ton under ₹25000 has a variable speed compressor that adjusts power per the heat load, with four cooling modes for different cooling needs. Its 3-star of energy rating and ISEER Value of 3 make it energy-efficient. The copper condenser coil is for better cooling, preventing rusting, and increasing durability. It also requires lesser maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which AC under ₹25000 is the best value for money?

Voltas SAC 123 Vectra Platina Fixed Window AC 1 Ton is the best option under 25000 and value for money.

Which brand of AC is most durable under ₹25000?

LG ACs are the most trusted brand in this price range.

Which AC brands are best under ₹25000?

LG, Voltas, O-general, Blue Star and Lloyd are the best options available under this price range.

Which AC is best 3 star or 5 star under ₹25000?

As compared to 3-star AC , 5-star AC performs well and works optimally while lowering the energy consumption. It is environmentally friendly and cools a room faster than a 3 star AC.

Which is better: window or split AC under ₹25000?

In terms of cooling power, the split AC is higher when compared to the window AC. While if we talk about cooling the cooling power of the window AC is in the range of 0.75 to 2.5 tons, while the split power can reach 0.80 tons to 3 tons. Split ac price lies between ₹35-40k however window AC can easily come under ₹30000 which is affordable too. 


In conclusion, finding the best air conditioners under ₹25000 offers a range of options to fulfill various requirements. However, it is advised to consider factors like energy efficiency, cooling capacity, and other features. Make sure to note all your requirements, like how big your room is. Is split AC perfect, or can window AC work? What are the features you need? Go through this blog and also read the customer reviews. Make sure to check from each aspect and determine the best one per your needs.

We have reviewed all the best options available under ₹25000 and hope it will help you make a good decision as per your need. If you have any queries or doubts, let me know in the comments below. 

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