Best Geyser For Hard Water in India: Reviews & Buying Guide

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A geyser is a must-home appliance for every home as it helps in providing hot water for various purposes like bathing, washing clothes and utensils, etc. 

But what if you live in a hard water region and your geyser gets damaged due to that?

If you live in an area with hard water, taking care of your geyser becomes more critical. The hard water deposits can build up over time and cause problems with your plumbing. In addition, it can regularly damage the heating element and the geyser’s thermostat.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water contains high levels of minerals, including calcium and magnesium. When hard water is heated, these minerals can deposit on the surfaces of your geyser, causing it to become less efficient and more likely to break down. Therefore, if you’re living in a hard water region, you must be looking for a geyser that can heat water quickly and efficiently and is specifically designed for hard water. A geyser designed for hard water will have a special anode that helps to protect against mineral build-up.

When shopping for the best geysers in India, many products with various features are available in the market. Therefore, it’s essential to compare different models and find the one that best fits your needs before making a purchase. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. Here’s a quick review of all the best geysers for hard water available in India and a short guide to help you choose the perfect geyser for your home.

Let’s start one by one:

The V-Guard Divino Geyser is the perfect appliance for your home. It comes with a 5-star rating which makes it an energy-efficient option. The storage capacity of this water heater is 6 litres, and it has a power input of 2000 watts.

Its single welding line tank reduces leakage by around 66%. Its inner tank is coated with advanced vitreous enamel, which protects the inner tank. Its 2kw nickel heating element is of superior Incoloy 800, through which it can work under hard water conditions for better heating. Its extra-thick magnesium anode rod provides protection.

Its safety features include an advanced thermostat and thermal cut-out mechanism that provides dual heat protection. For safety, it has a five-in-one multifunction safety valve that prevents excessive pressure build-up, vacuum formation, and reverse water flow. It is multi-layer protection which prevents it from rusting and corrosion. Its bar handling capacity of upto 8bar pressure makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and apartments.

Its temperature control knob has a twin LED display for adjusting the temperature, which can vary from 25-75°C. It will become green when it stops turning red if it is on.

Lastly, it comes with a warranty of 2 years on the product, 3 years on the heating element & 5 years on the tank.

Pros & Cons


  • Superior Build Quality
  • Digital Display
  • Perfect for high-rise buildings
  • Durable


  • Installation is not free from the company

The AO Smith SDS-Green Geyser is the perfect choice for those looking for an energy-efficient and stylish geyser for their home. The AO Smith SDS- Green Geyser has a unique design that makes it compact and easy to install. In addition, its beautiful aesthetics make it an ideal product for modern bathrooms. So it can go with any bathroom interior. 

This water heater comes with a blue diamond glass-lined tank that offers just doubled corrosion resistance which makes its life longer. It also has a long-lasting anode rod made of a customized alloy that protects the tank even in hard water conditions. Extending the life of your heating element and preventing scale formation is easy with a glass-coated heating element.

Its outer body of ABS makes it rust-free. This water heater has a glass-coated heating element that prevents scale formation and extends the life of the heating element.

It also comes with an inner tank warranty of 7 years, 2 years comprehensive warranty, and 2+2* years extended warranty of glass coated heating element.

Its pressure handling capacity of 8 bars makes it compatible with hard water and high-rise buildings.

Pros & Cons


  • Good option for large families
  • Durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Good Warranty


  • Touch control is not available.

With a capacity of 25 litres, this geyser is with a 5-star rating which makes it an energy-efficient option. Moreover, it comes with a 2 years product warranty, a heating element warranty of 3 years, and a tank warranty of 7 years.

Its titanium enamel coating and heating element help to reduce water pressure and impurities. This geyser has a unique feature that can conserve electricity. With smart logic functions, you can select from options like bucket bathing or showering, which ultimately reduce your energy costs by 30%. Eterno’s pro water heater uses a special anode that protects the heating element from corrosion, greatly extending its lifespan.

The smart mix deflector fosters sluggish mixing of cold and hot water in the tank, ensuring the water stays warm for longer. It helps you save up to 40% energy and provides up to 10% more hot water by keeping the water hot for longer.

This appliance has safety features, including three-level safety, a thermostat, thermal cut-out, and a multifunction safety valve.

The high pressure withstanding capacity of your water heater makes it ideal for parts of a building that experience higher water pressure and for use in applications requiring a pump. 

In 2021, Racold will be recognized as Superbrand in the Water Heating Category for the 10thtime BEE Award Winner as the most energy-efficient storage water heater.

Pros & Cons


  • Energy-efficient

  • 3in 1 safety

  • Durable

  • Keeps water hot for a long time

  • Good warranty


  • After sale the services are not good.

The Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15-Litre Vertical Water Heater is an excellent choice for those looking for an efficient and reliable water heater for their home. It has a vertical design that makes it easy to install and very compact, so it doesn’t take up too much space. This water heater is sure to provide hot water whenever you need it and is also very easy to install and use.

Its external body is of a single weld, which makes it robust. It has a 2KW High-Efficiency Incoloy heating element, which makes its life longer, and an inner tank coated with glass-lined technology, which prevents it from rusting and lasts for years. Its fire retardant cable comes with a three-pin plug.

The water heater also comes with a thermal cut-out feature that ensures that the water heater does not overheat. The water heater also has a pressure release valve that helps prevent pressure build-up within the tank. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can control the temperature of the water. Equipped with a swirl flow configuration, it heats water 20% faster and uses less energy. 

About safety it has many safety features, including overheating, overpressure, and dry heating. Its pressure handling capacity of 0.8 MPA makes it highly compatible with high-rise buildings. Its special protection device keeps the tank clean and safe from rusting by removing harmful salt. 

Lastly, it comes with the product’s two-year warranty and an inner tank warranty of 5 years.

Pros & Cons


  • Energy -efficient
  • Glass lined coated
  • 8-bar pressure


  • Some installation accessories not included.

Orient Electric Enamour Plus 15-Litre Geyser is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an energy-efficient geyser. The Orient Electric Enamour Plus 15-Litre Geyser is made of high-quality material and is designed for long-lasting use. 

The geyser comes with a 5-star BEE rating and is equipped with a blue diamond glass-coated heating element that ensures faster heating. It also has a corrosion-resistant heating element that increases the product’s durability. The geyser has a thermostat control knob that allows you to set the desired temperature. It also has a LED indicator that glows when the water is hot. 

The Orient Electric model features a titanium enamel coating and an Ipx4 waterproof body that keeps it functioning even in the humid bathroom. The water heater by Orient electric is made with a glass-line heating element for efficient heating. It also has a high-grade shock-proof plastic body and a 3-pin plug, improving its load efficiency. Whirl Flow Technology integration within the water tubes allows for faster heating and energy saving, resulting in 20% more hot water output.

Its magnesium anode rod and puff insulation allow for better heat retention, which ensures durability and a longer life service from the water heater overall.

The Enamour Plus water heater offers precise temperature control based on your demands, thanks to its unique temperature setting. In addition, it has a dial display that displays the actual water temperature.

It is equipped with many safety features like a vacuum release valve, pressure release valve, and non-return valve. 

 It comes with a 2-year product warranty and 5 years of inner tank warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • Gives 20% more hot water
  • Durable
  • Easy-to-use temperature display
  • Good safety features
  • Sleek Design
  • Good Quality
  • Easy Installation


  • A bit noisy

The Crompton Solarium Neo 15-L Geyser is an excellent product with much to offer. It is a great choice for those looking for an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option. This geyser comes with a 15-litre capacity, perfect for small families or couples. It also has a temperature control knob to adjust the temperature to your needs. The product comes with a 2-year warranty which gives you peace of mind if something goes wrong. The geyser is also very easy to install and has all the necessary hardware. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an energy-efficient and eco-friendly option.

Its 5-star rating and PUF insulation make it energy efficient, reducing your bills. The outer body of ABS makes it robust and lasts for years. Its powerful heating element ensures faster heating which can get the temperature of 45o C in 10 minutes. 

It has 3 level safety functions, including automatic thermal cut-out, Capillary Thermostat, and a multi-functional valve to provide more safety.

Its heavy-duty magnesium anode rod prevents it from corrosion. The heating element of Incoloy provides protection against scale formation and rusting. Its pressure handling capacity of 10 bar pressure makes it suitable for high-rise buildings.

It has a triple shield of Magnesium Anode, a glass-lined coated tank, and a blue glass-lined Incoloy element, which makes it durable by preventing them from rusting.

Its adjustable temperature control knob is easy to operate, and you can easily set the desired temperature. 

Its Smart Energy Management provides you the facility with a standby cutoff; hence, it can reduce your electricity bills.

Pros & Cons


  • Longer Life
  • Good quality
  • Energy-efficient


  • Installation is not free.
  • No pipes in the package.
  • After-sales services are not good.

If you are searching for a good water heater with advanced features, you must go for the Havells Monza EC 5S. Equipped with a 5-star rating, the Havells Monza EC 5S is a high-energy efficient storage water heater.

The Monza EC Water Heater by Havells is a wall-mounted water heater with a discreet color scheme that goes well with your bathroom decor. Its style will look fantastic in your washroom. It has a single weld design with Feroglas Technology, making it rust-free and enhancing its life period. Its anode rod with stainless steel protects the inner tank from rusting. Its stainless steel Flexi pipe makes it durable and can be used for cold and hot purposes.

This particular model comes with a unique feature of a multifunction valve. As the name suggests, this valve helps regulate the flow of hot and cold water according to your requirement. Apart from that, it also has a child lock function which ensures safety. It comes with IPX-4 Protection which makes its life longer.

Its Adjustable knob adjusts the temperature between 25 to 75 degrees Celsius to get the desired temperature. Its multifunction safety valve prevents the tank from internal and external pressure building.

Its pressure handling capacity of 8 bars makes it compatible with high-rise apartments. Its Incoloy glass-coated heating element provides excellent heating performance and prevents corrosion.

By preventing mixing hot and cold water, tIts whirl flow technology provides faster heating and saves energy. On average, it produces 20% more hot water than other models.

Lastly, it comes with a seven-year inner tank warranty, four years warranty on Heating Element, and two years comprehensive.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable temperature control knob
  • 8 Bar-pressure


  • It takes a lot of time to heat up the water.
  • No digital display

The AO Smith HeatBot-SZS-015 is a 15-litre storage water heater with a 5-star rating. The water heater is available in Silver color only.

Its outer tank is made of ABS material, which makes it robust, and an inner tank of titanium steel and blue diamond glass lining makes it rust-free and prevents corrosion even in hard water conditions. You are guaranteed maximum energy efficiency and power savings with no space between the tank and insulation. A heating element that is glass coated prevents scale formation, heats the water uniformly, and provides maximum hot water. Its advanced PUF technology makes it more efficient. Its heavy-duty anode rod prevents it from rusting and protects the tank. The anode road gives a 2X lifespan compared to a standard magnesium rod. The Inlet Water Diffuser, which is efficient and effective, breaks the incoming water jet into several streams, turning water flow from vertical to horizontal.

The tank is protected by a custom-made aluminum that may endure in hard water and has double the lifespan compared to magnesium anode in regular water heaters.

For safety, it has a thermal cut-out and safety valve to prevent overheating and excessive pressure. Its 8-bar pressure handling capacity makes it compatible for high rise buildings. Its Temperature Control Knob allows you to adjust the temperature easily as per your requirement, and it also has a LED indicator that shows when the power is on.

Heatbots are future-ready, simple to use, and nothing short of a work of art. We want you to get the most out of your Heatbot by allowing it to operate at its full potential. And everything in between. With our Heartbeat, you may enjoy maximum energy efficiency while also taking advantage of all it offers.

The AO Smith HeatBot-SZS-015 comes with a 7year tank warranty, 2+2* years extended warranty on glass coated heating element, and two years comprehensive.

Pros & Cons


  • Energy-efficient
  • Elegant Look
  • Durable
  • Water heats quickly 


  • Not Any!

The Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Pure Geyser is a 5-star BEE-rated appliance with a 2kW heating element, making it an energy-efficient option. You’ll save 20% on your energy bill by switching to this newer, more high-tech model. 

It is available in white color. The titanium core shield tank is oven-baked at 850 degrees celsius for the best possible protection against corrosion. It comes with o’ pro-technology, a patented invention that extends the life of the tank and heating element by preventing corrosion on these components. The Patented O’Pro protects your tank and heating element against corrosion, which in turn increases the lifespan of your water heater by 50%. As a result, you and your family will enjoy fresh, hot water for a more extended period.

This technology and water flow are designed to distribute the water and maintain a consistent temperature evenly.

The optimized inlet diffuser technology provides an equal and gradual water temperature distribution. By using reinforced insulation, you will always have access to hot water. Liquid foam injection creates superior insulation, while the compact design retains heat for extended periods.

Loaded with numerous safety features, it has an overheat protection system ensuring total protection against the water splash. 

With a temperature control knob, you may easily adjust the water’s temperature from the outlet to your liking, from warm to quite hot.

Lastly, it comes with a 2 years comprehensive warranty, 4 years warranty for the heating element, and 7 years tank warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • Installation free of cost
  • Water heats quickly
  • Energy-efficient


  • The heating temperature is 75 degrees and mixed Lukewarm water doesn’t even fill one and a half buckets. So, if you want to use more than two buckets of water while taking a bath, you have to wait for the water to heat up.

AO Smith is one of the most popular water heater brands in India, and the company offers a wide range of products, out of which HSE-VAS-X 25 Litre geyser is one of the most popular models. The blue diamond glass-lined tank makes it durable, and its tank is 2x thicker than other geysers, which lasts for years.

It is an excellent choice for an energy-efficient and reliable water heater. The water heater is designed for vertical installation and has a 5-star rating. It is also one of the most energy-efficient models in the market.

The company offers a 7 years inner tank Warranty, 2+1* years extended warranty of glass coated heating element, and 2 years comprehensive.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent Heating
  • Save Electricity
  • Safety Features
  • Best for multi story building


  • Some people complained that it creates noise.

Best Geyser For Hard Water : Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best geyser for hard water, it can be tricky sometimes. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision. These include the cost of the unit, the energy efficiency, the installation process, the size, the fuel source, and the warranty.

Tankless or with the tank

You’ll first need to decide whether you want a tankless or a tank geyser. Tankless geysers don’t have a storage tank and heat water on demand. It makes them more energy-efficient since they only heat water when needed. They’re also smaller and take up less space.

With tank geysers, hot water is stored in a tank and is available on demand. These models are typically less expensive than tankless models, but they’re also less efficient since they keep heated water in a storage tank.


The next thing to consider is the cost of the unit. Again, selecting a model within your budget is essential, so you don’t overspend. However, you also don’t want to choose the cheapest model available since it may not be durable or energy-efficient.

Energy Efficiency

When selecting a geyser, it’s important to choose an energy-efficient model. This will help you save money on your utility bills and do your part to protect the environment.


Next is the installation process. Some models are easy to install, while others require professional help. It’s important to select a model that you can install yourself to save money on installation costs.


The first is the size of the unit. Geysers come in various sizes, and it is essential to select one large enough to heat all the water you will be using. If you have a large family or plan on using the geyser for commercial purposes, you will need a unit capable of heating a large volume of water.

Fuel Source

The second thing to consider is the fuel source. Either electricity or gas can power geysers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Electric geysers are more expensive to operate, but they are much more efficient. Gas-powered units are less costly to use, but they can be less reliable.


You should consider the warranty that comes with the geyser. Most units come with a one-year warranty, but some have more extended warranties. If you plan to use the geyser for an extended period, selecting a unit with a longer warranty is essential. It will ensure that you are covered in case anything goes wrong.

Safety Features

When selecting a geyser, choosing a model with safety features is important. It will help you avoid accidents and injuries. Look for a model that has an automatic shut-off feature. It will prevent the unit from overheating and causing a fire.

Family Size

Selecting the right size is important because if the geyser is too small, it will not be able to heat all the water you need, and if it is too big, it will be a waste of money.

If you have a large family or plan on using the geyser for commercial purposes, you will need a unit capable of heating a large volume of water. On the other note, if you have a small family, you might not need such a big-sized geyser which will help you save money.

Heating Element

The heating element is an important factor to consider when selecting a geyser. The geyser’s heating element will help heat water quickly and efficiently. The element’s material also plays an essential role in determining how long the geyser will last. Titanium is the best material for the heating element as it is durable and resistant to corrosion.

Considering these factors, you can be sure to find the best geyser for your home. With some research, you can find a quality product that will provide you with years of service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the effects of Hard Water on Geysers?

The main effect of hard water on geysers is the build-up of scale inside the heater. This can reduce the efficiency of the geyser & in some cases, cause it to fail completely.

Does hard water damage the geyser?

Hard water is bad news for your geyser. All types of geysers are impacted by hard water, making it difficult for them to function correctly.

How can a hard water problem be resolved?

A Water Softener is the most common method to address hard water. This water filtration system filters out hard water minerals.

Is hard water safe to drink?

Water with high mineral content, such as hard water, isn’t dangerous, and while it does have extra minerals that might make the flavor unpleasant, it is usually safe to consume.

How does hard water affect hair?

When calcium and magnesium accumulate in the water, it is called hard water. This causes a film to form on hair, preventing moisture from being absorbed. The result is dry, brittle hair that breaks easily. If these issues are not resolved, they could even lead to hair loss.

How long will a water heater last with hard water?

Using hard water will shorten a water heater’s lifespan by a few years.


Although selecting the best water heater for hard water is similar to choosing any other home heating system, one key exception exists: you must find a unit with unique features that make it more resistant.

I’ve covered all the best geysers for hard water in India and hope this guide will help you to make an informed decision.

So, which geyser do you think is the best? If I left out your favorite geyser for hard water, please let me know in the comment box below.

See some of our buying guides if you’re still having difficulty finding the best hard water geysers.

And if you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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