10 Best Kitchen Chimneys: Reviews & Buying Guide

Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide

An undesirable blend of oil, grease, and smoke can emanate from your culinary expedition. It can affect the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen. The grimes and the food stains from all the cooking, frying, or grilling using oils and masalas can stick on the cabinet surface, making it difficult to remove. So, what you need is a kitchen chimney! The role of efficient kitchen chimneys is simple. They play a vital role in clearing out the air containing smoke, odors, and other gases that are dispensed during cooking. It is a kitchen-friendly gadget that supports cooking with style and comfort.  Numerous manufacturers have come up with a diverse range of chimneys. However, not all of them have been created keeping in mind the typical Indian culinary style, involving oils and masalas. So, to make your buying decision easier, we will be going through a list of the best kitchen chimneys for an Indian cooking space!

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Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Kitchen Chimney Comparison Table

Model Color Weight Noise level Features Wattage Size
Eurodomo Black 10 Kg 58 dB Autoclean, Touch Control, Baffle filter 180 60 cm
Hindware Steel/grey 16.21 Kg 58 dB Thermal auto clean 180 90 cm
Faber Black 8 Kg 58 dB Filterless, auto clean, touch and gesture controls   60 cm
Elicia filterless Black 13.91 Kg 58 dB Filterless, auto clean, Motion sensor controls   60 cm
Elicia 1425m3/hr Black 16.78 Kg 58 dB Auto-clean, filters, touch & gesture controls 220 90 cm
Hindware Steel/grey 14.25 kg 58 dB Thermal auto clean 180 60 cm
Inalsa Black 6.4 Kg 65 dB Baffle filter 84 60 cm
Glen Steel/Grey 13.2 Kg 58 dB Stainless steel design, detachable filters 155 60 cm
Glen filterless Black 11.9 kg 58 dB Filterless design, auto clean feature, touch and gesture controls 150 60 cm
BOSCH Black 19.71 Kg 73 dB Excellent in performance 350 90 cm

1. Eurodomo 60cm Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney – Check Discount Price


Eurodomo 60cm Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney
If you are looking for an elegant solution to your greasy problem, Eurodomo’s got you covered. The sleek design comes with advanced features at an affordable price. It is best suited for an Indian household.  Eurodomo comes with baffle filters which have the specialty of housing separate chambers for oils, spices, and grimes. As a thermal auto clean model, it is easily cleaned by a press of a single button, without needing any professional help. You can also manually clean it after six months. The entire unit requires low upkeep. The manufacturing of this chimney is durable. You get a black steel body with stainless steel baffle filters, striking the perfect balance between style and convenience. The toughened curved glass touch panel offers strength against heat. The curved glass offers a good surface area for the capturing of oil spills. The chimney is 60 cm long, suitable for a 2 to the 4-burner stove. It has a useful suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr; making it suitable for any Indian household. The noise levels are set at 58 dB, which is lesser than a variety of competitors. Thus, offering peace and comfort while preparing meals for the family. Plus the manufacturers provide a year warranty on the product while five years warranty on the motor.
Pros Cons
The chimney is great for Indian kitchens of medium to large size May not be suitable for smaller kitchens
The model consumes less energy You need to pay the installation charge separately
It comes with an oil collector Operating and cleaning the oil collector can be difficult without proper knowledge
It makes less noise  

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2. Hindware 90cm Auto Clean Chimney – Check Discount Price

Hindware 90cm Auto Clean Chimney Hindware is one of the most reputed companies in India. It has etched its name in making quality chimneys in India. Their product is best suited for conventional households. This design features thermal auto clean technology and is 90 cm long.  The steel and glass body design of Hindware Nevio embodies durability and resilience, making it more durable than offerings from Eurodomo. It is equipped with a strong metal blower, giving you a maximum suction of 1200m3/hr. It comes with baffle filters having separate collectors for oils and other residues. Cleaning is easy and efficient. It’s thermal auto clean technology is a winner. With a single touch, all the collected residues get effortlessly cleaned. Plus the high efficient LED lamps provide maximum light for cooking convenience.  The noise levels of this unit are the same as in the Eurodomo model mentioned above (coming in at 58 dB), thus ensuring peaceful cooking.  The 90 cm top seamlessly accommodates a 3 to 5 burner stove, making it feasible for a medium to large kitchen. It comes with a hanging clamp, duct pipe, and fixing material. However, it is slightly more expensive and heavier than the Eurodomo.

Pros Cons
Higher suction power with great filters If you have a very small kitchen, it may not be suitable
The chimney is great for Indian kitchens of medium to large size You need to pay the installation charge separately
Thermal auto clean Can be a bit heavy
It comes with an oil collector  
The LED light offers better visibility during cooking  

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3. Faber 60 cm Curved Glass, Autoclean Chimney – Check Discount Price

Faber 60 cm Curved Glass, Autoclean Chimney Faber is a well-known kitchen appliance company in India. It had gained popularity for the range of kitchen chimneys it has to offer. This model features a filterless design. So, if you find yourself fussing over cleaning filters and changing them, this advanced innovative design is best suited for you. It also requires minimum upkeep. This offering also has a 6-way suction chimney that scoops out the smoke faster. Its tornadic triangular silent suction technology with extra vents allows removing pollutants from the kitchen. This chimney by Faber also comes with touch and gesture control making it effortless to use.  The 60 cm chimney is best suited for 2 to 4 burner stoves. The sleek design offers the same suction and noise levels as the above-mentioned Hindware and Eurodomo models (1200m3/hr and 58 dB) but with filterless technology. It is equipped with tornadic technology and features a filterless design making it more efficient than Hindware 90 cm and the Eurodomo 60 cm. It is also the lightest of all chimneys reviewed above. 
Pros Cons
A 6-way suction chimney Accessories might not be long-lasting
Filterless technology and innovative design Quality of the pipes are relatively low
Tornadic triangular silent suction technology with touch and gesture controls  

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4. Elica 60 cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney – Check Discount Price

Elica 60 cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney When it comes to style and quality, Elicia is definitely a name near the top. This chimney also features filterless auto clean technology coupled with high suction power, making your kitchen smoke-free. It also comes with an installation kit.  The sleek glass design of this chimney unit offers design sophistication with a purpose. The curved glass panel provides a larger surface area, allowing grime to get attached to the surface rather than getting stuck on other hard-to-reach places. Its gesture control features take a significant lead from its competitors. Without touching the panel, this chimney can be operated with just a wave of the hand. Having the ability to not touch the control panel helps keep the control panel clean and does away with constant cleaning. This is a minimum maintenance chimney launched by Elicia. The filterless technology facilities with not needing to worry about the hassle of cleaning and changing filters over time.
Pros Cons
High suction power and a filterless innovative design You need to pay the installation charge separately
Maximum suction capacity and can be installed in a smaller area The customer service could be better
Thermal auto clean and comes with gesture controls  
It comes with an oil collector  

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5. Elica 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney  – Check Discount Price

Elica 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney For larger space and the larger number of burner stoves, Elicia came up with the 90 cm chimney model with an impressive 1425 m3/hr suction power design.  This design has baffle filters that ensure maximum filtration of smoke and grease particles. It comes with gesture controls too. So, if you are hands happen to be dirty or greasy, you can still operate the chimney by motioning with your hand. For a larger kitchen, this unit happens to be the most suitable model available in the market. Compared to the Hindware 90 cm Nevio 90 chimney, it has the higher suction power at the same noise level. Making it a more efficient chimney in the market.  Moreover, this chimney has the highest suction power (1425 m3/hr) compared to other brands, making it more efficient in clearing out smoke from the kitchen area. Comparatively, it has the largest annual energy consumption of 220 watts than the other models reviewed, so keep that in mind.
Pros Cons
Higher suction power with 2 baffle filters You need to pay the installation charge separately
Maximum suction capacity of 1425 m3/hr Customer service could be better
Thermal auto clean  
It comes with an oil collector and touch & gesture controls  

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6.Hindware 60 cm Auto Clean Chimney – Check Discount Price

Hindware 60 cm Auto Clean Chimney Another offering from Hindware, the features of this chimney happen to be similar to the Hindware 90 cm Chimney except it is smaller in size. This particular design is suited for 2 or 3 burner stovetops.  The design, construction, and concept are the same as the Hindware 90 cm Nevio 90 model. The baffle filters, the thermal auto clean technology, and the energy-conserving LED lights are a staple in both. However, this particular model is smaller in size.  It is also slightly lighter than the 90 cm Hindware chimney. Hence, this chimney can be the perfect fit for the needs of a small Indian kitchen.
Pros Cons
Higher suction power with great filters Accessories are not long-lasting
The LED light offers better visibility during cooking You need to pay the installation charge separately
Thermal auto clean  
It comes with an oil collector  

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7. Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Chimney Classica – Check Discount Price

Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Chimney Classica Inalsa is an extension of a Spanish brand named ‘Taurus’. It is quite popular in India because of its affordable designs. This brand promises to integrate European technology to fulfill Indian household needs. It comes with energy-saving lights and a black powder-coated body design.  This chimney is made of steel unlike the other chimneys discussed above. It has a basic traditional design. The pushbuttons panels feature a conventional style. With a suction power of 1050 m3/hr, it helps clear smoke and filters grimes and oils. The 2ft air succession capacity ensures maximum suction of the residues. But keep in mind that it has a 65 dB noise level, which is considerably higher than that of other models.   This chimney features a hood, expandable flexible pipe, mounting brackets, expanding plugs, wall mounting screws, and a drill hood stencil. Take note; it has the lowest suction power and is the noisiest and cheapest of all. Plus, it is only suitable for a small kitchen only, unlike the others models reviewed in this guide. However, it also offers 2 years of warranty on the product and a 7-years warranty on the motor, unlike the other brands.
Pros Cons
The chimney is easy to maintain and comes with the auto-clean feature It is noisier than other brands (65 dB)
Black powder-coated finish and a great look It is only suitable for smaller kitchen
One powerful baffle filter  
Affordable price and lightweight  

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8. Glen 60 cm Curved Glass Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney – Check Discount Price

Glen 60 cm Curved Glass Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney  If you are looking for another economical chimney, Glen brings the best to the table without being a burden on your pocket. This sophisticated design comes with a durable metal body and advanced features.  This model comes with stainless steel hood and curved glass panel. The curved glass panel ensures maximum surface area to capture culinary residues. It has push-button traditional controls.  It has a suction capacity of 1000 m3/hr, ranking it the lowest amongst its competitors. However, it is still powerful enough to get the job done in a small kitchen. The detachable filters are easier to clean but do require regular cleaning. This can be hectic for someone with a busy schedule. But having said that, it comes with a lifetime warranty.
Pros Cons
Great and affordable price & makes less noise. The company does not have a structured customer care service.
The baffle filters are detachable and easy to clean coupled with an Italian copper motor with thermal overload protection A customer needs to pay separately for the installation procedure.
Bright and energy-saving LED lights You need to clean the filters regularly.
A durable chimney that is ideal for Indian cooking  

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9. GLEN 60 cm Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney – Check Discount Price

GLEN 60 cm Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney  This is another useful chimney from Glen incorporated with a modern design. The filterless and auto-clean design offer hassle-free operation. Though it has lower suction power than Hindware, Eurodomo, Faber, and Elica, it is a product that should be considered due to its cost-effective price.  It comes with stainless steel body and gesture control operating panel. Glen has launched this remarkable design equipped with modern technology. Unlike the previous model, this has thermal auto-clean technology. Thus, with a wave of a hand, it can be cleaned automatically.  It has a suction power of 1050 m3/hr, which is lower than other brands in the market. But it is suitable for a small kitchen. It has a 58 dB noise level, helping it be considered as a chimney that assists with a comfortable cooking experience. It also offers a year-long warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor.
Pros Cons
Great and affordable price & makes less noise. A customer needs to pay separately for the installation procedure.
The baffle filters are detachable and easy to clean  
Equipped with touch and motion sensor  

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10. Bosch Series 90 cm Integrated Glass Wall-Mounted Hood Chimney – Check Discount Price

Bosch Series 90 cm Integrated Glass Wall-Mounted Hood Chimney Robert Bosch GMBH is regarded by many as the leading cost-effective supplier of chimneys in India. This particular product will add value and class to your kitchen. This kitchen chimney offers excellent performance due to its premium-quality materials.  This model has a glass finish making it sleek and modern. Its design features chromed pushbuttons and chromed logo strip. It has a suction power of 743 m3/hr, which is the lowest of all the designs mentioned in this list but can still be used in smaller Indian households. It has a 73 dB noise level, and that happens to be the highest of all the chimneys discussed above. With the highest noise levels and lowest suction power, this product is the least recommended when it comes to detailing kitchen chimneys for an Indian household. However, the company offers free installation on purchase, saving you the hassle of paying extra and consulting customer service multiple times during the installation process. Also, the unique integrated glass design is quite appealing.
Pros Cons
The product has great aesthetics It is the noisiest of all the brands discussed above
Components are of premium quality Lowest suction power with no auto-clean technology
Good customer service  

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Buying Guide: How to Pick the Best Chimney For your Kitchen

Here are some additional points to consider before buying kitchen chimneys!

Chimney size

Selecting the right chimney size is very important. The model you should opt for depends on the number of burners plus the overall kitchen area. For a 2 to 3 burner stovetop, a 60 cm kitchen chimney would be best. Stoves or cooktops with more burners will need a 90 cm chimney. Of course, a smaller chimney could work with a stove with more burners if all burners won’t be regularly used.

Chimney filters

You should carefully select filters to avoid a hassle in the future. Below are some options from which you can choose:

Cassette filter

This type of filter has layers of aluminum and stainless steel mesh. The cassette filter tends to be vulnerable to grimes and greases getting attached to its surface. It needs to be cleaned and changed frequently. In a sense, it is not suited for an Indian household.

Baffle filter (best for Indian food)

Baffle filters are best suited for greasy and masala-rich Indian food. These panels efficiently collect the oil and grease onto their stainless steel surface. They are detachable and reusable so that they can be washed/cleaned easily.

Carbon filter

Carbon filters come with a combination of cassette and baffle filters with charcoal slate holes in them. The oil and grease particles stick to the holes and aren’t easy to clean. They need replacement after 3 to 4 months and are not reusable.

Filterless Technology

These are low-maintenance and innovative chimneys with oil collectors that accumulate the oil and grease after auto-cleaning. They have a unique motor placement that sucks the smoke effortlessly.


There are different types of chimneys. The most common one is the wall-mounted chimney. Here’s the list of others!

Wall Mounted

As the name states, these are fitted against the wall, and the hob is also located adjacent to the wall.

Island Chimney

This is the most expensive type of chimney. It is hung to the ceiling over the cooking top.

Built-in Chimney(Integrated)

As the name suggests, these chimneys are integrated with wooden furniture.

Corner Chimney

These chimneys are placed in kitchens where the cooking top and hob are at the corner against the wall.

Auto clean chimney

These chimneys consist of oil collectors and detachable filters, making them easier to maintain and clean. Opt for detachable oil collectors while selecting chimneys. It is a lot easier to clean and maintain. The auto-clean function makes it much easier to maintain the chimney. 


Suction power

The higher suction power facilitates more efficient performance in extracting smoke from the kitchen area. At least 1000 cubic meters per hour of suction power is ideal for a chimney, so only go for products that meet that requirement. 

Noise Level

You should consider the optimum noise level tolerable for you when selecting chimneys. Chimneys make noise during suction. Most of these chimneys have a 58 dB design noise level that can increase over time if not maintenance isn’t done correctly. 

Chimney design

Pyramid Design

These are energy-saving models and come with integrated baffle filters. It is best suited for an Indian household.

Curved Glass Design

These chimneys come with curved, toughened glass hoods. This design facilitates higher suction power and also protects while cooking on high flames. It also makes less noise.

Box-Type Chimneys

These are dirt-resistant chimneys and require less cleaning. They also come with LED lights to enhance the cooking experience and give a modern touch to your kitchen. 

Straight Line Chimneys

These chimneys are suitable for smaller spaces. They have low suction power and require a lot of cleaning. But for a small household or single-person flat, these chimneys will work best as not much cooking is done there.

Chimney ducting

This feature is also considered while buying chimneys. Ducted and ductless chimneys are both available in the market. However, a ducted chimney is 30% more efficient than a ductless chimney. They have better suction power too. On the other hand, ductless chimneys require less maintenance, making them ideal for people with busy schedules.


The installation of chimneys requires professional personnel. It is advised to get the manufacturers to install the chimneys themselves. Also, read the clauses before buying the model because some companies provide free installation, whereas others charge extra installation fees.


When buying a chimney, always review the service clauses to know exactly what to expect. Some companies, like Bosch, offer free installation with certain chimney purchases. 

Customer Reviews & Complaints

You should take into account what other customers are saying about the product. Learn from others’ experiences and then decide on the company wisely. You can also gain valuable insight into the product by checking its reviews and ratings. 


The warranty should also be taken into account while buying chimneys. Most manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty on the product and 5-year on the motor. You can get the warranty extended for additional charges as well. Some chimneys do offer longer warranties without extra charges, so choose wisely. 


The budget is the focal point of all purchases. First, you need to chalk out the budget and then decide on the available options. For an Indian kitchen, chimneys with baffle filters or filterless technology are the best choice. You need to choose the best chimney that suits your needs along with the budget you set.

Other things to keep in mind before buying a kitchen chimney 

  • Blower or motor

It is the most essential feature of the chimney. A powerful motor offers better suction power and efficient cleaning. It is better to buy chimneys that come with a 5-year warranty on motors. Motors or blowers must be in an enclosed casket so that no oil/grease or grime can enter. 
  • Thermostatic protection

As Indian cooking involves high flames and heat, it might harm the parts of chimneys. They can burst with the flames. This is why always check if the product has adequate thermostatic protection for your cooking style.
  • Concealed hood

A concealed hood helps to maintain clean lines and gives the chimneys a sleek and finished look. 
  • Speed

A higher suction capacity is always preferable and is most suitable for an Indian household. The ideal suction power is 1200 cubic meters per hour, but you can also check products with higher values. 
  • Controls/Indicators

A manual is given along with the chimneys, so read through it thoroughly. Some chimneys come with touch and gesture controls. That makes it easier for users to operate chimneys while their hands are greasy.

How is an Auto-clean chimney different from a normal chimney?

There are two types of chimneys available in the market: Auto-clean and normal chimney.
Oil collector They feature oil collectors, in which the oil and grease particles are collected as the blower sucks the smoke They do not feature oil collectors. Instead, the grime sticks on the filters
Suction Power The suction power is affected because filters are not contaminated It has comparatively low suction power because of clogged filters
Maintenance These chimneys require less maintenance. It requires higher maintenance because filters need to be replaced
Life span As grime doesn’t stick on the interior so it has a larger life span They have a shorter lifespan
Cleaning Process You can remove oil collectors once a month to clean them. Oils, grease clogs the filters so the cleaning is difficult
Cleaning Frequency Frequent cleaning not required Cleaning is required frequently and at regular intervals

Kitchen Chimney Brands In India

  • Elica
  • Faber
  • Sunflame
  • IFB
  • Glen
  • Kutchina
  • Pigeon
  • Kaff
  • Prestige
  • Bright Flame

How to Clean a Kitchen Chimney

To make your chimneys last longer, they need to be maintained and cleaned as prescribed. In most of the available chimneys out there, the filters are detachable. They can easily be removed, cleaned, dried, and reinstalled without professional help.  The cassette and carbon filters are the hardest to clean. Grime, grease, and oil residues stick to these filters and tend to clog the mesh. It needs to be scrubbed thoroughly using standard dishwashing liquids, baking soda, or paint thinner.  The chimneys with baffle filters are easier to clean. They have detachable oil collectors that make it easier to collect the unwanted residues and clean them off. The process of cleaning kitchen chimneys is relatively easy. First, you need to remove the filter (mesh or baffle filter). Then soak it in a bucket or tub of hot water. Then add dishwashing soap, baking soda, or paint thinner (whatever is accessible) into the tub and leave for 15 to 30 minutes.  Now scrub at the mesh with the scrubber until the greasy residues disappear. For a baffle filter, you need to wash with mild soap until the residue no longer remains on the filter. Keep the filters in the sunlight to dry.

Kitchen Chimney Safety Measures

1)Take the help of a professional person for Installation Proper installation of chimneys is of utmost importance. You need to make sure that there are no loose pipes. This can cause leakage and result in improper functionality. It is advised to get them installed by the company personnel himself.  2) Maintain proper Ventilation As Indian kitchens are small, considerable suction power must be taken into account while installing chimneys. Moreover, you must ensure adequate ventilation to avoid suffocation and choking. 3) Proper ducting of the Hood You must properly install the duct with the hood. The duct is the part that sucks in the smoke from the kitchen, filters it, and releases it outside. If the ducting isn’t proper, it can cause smoke to return to the kitchen.  4) Regular Cleaning You must make cleaning the filters a practice. Dirty filters will reduce the suction power and increase the chimney’s noise levels. Too much grease accumulation also affects the overall lifespan of the gadget. Some chimneys require less frequent cleaning, while others require routine maintenance. So choose one that you can easily take care of. 

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India with Price List


Electrical chimneys are a modern solution to the toxic residues of your culinary experiments. They are a valuable investment in terms of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Chimneys have become a necessity rather than a luxury.  You need to consider many factors while choosing the chimneys for your cooking area. Installing the correct type of chimney will yield the required benefits.  The best brand for the chimney is Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney. It is the top runner in the modern chimney domain. It features innovative design and advanced features.  You can check other options too according to your budget and needs. Thus, you will have a smoke-free and comfortable cooking expedition with a kitchen chimney. 


  • Which is the best brand for chimneys in India?
Elicia is a renowned brand in India. It has multiple chimney varieties to select from. Its filterless auto-clean design (WDF HAC TOUCH) is a winner. You can select many different options as per your need and the budget.
  • Is an auto-clean chimney better?
Auto-clean chimneys are better than normal chimneys. They offer low maintenance and lesser cleaning. Moreover, they also provide excellent suction power making them more efficient and effective.
  • Which filter is better for a kitchen chimney?
For an Indian household, a baffle filter is unequivocally the best option. It offers separate oil collectors that can be easily removed and cleaned as per convenience. Other filters like carbon and cassette filters will get clogged and are difficult to clean. You need to clean and change the filters frequently to ensure proper running of the chimney. Most Indian manufacturers offer chimneys that are integrated with baffle filters.  

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