Best Single Door Refrigerators In India: Reviews & Buying Guide

Single Door Refrigerator

A refrigerator keeps food and beverages cool and safe. Refrigerators are available in a variety of styles, including French-style doors, side-by-side refrigerators, double doors, and single doors. The advantages and disadvantages of each type vary considerably.

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Single Door refrigerators are ideal for small to medium-sized families who only want to store fresh produce. Single Door refrigerators do not include a large freezer or a frost-free feature. The lower price of single-door refrigerators is their main benefit. This refrigerator type is also more energy-efficient than other types.

This single-door refrigerator guide has all the information you need about these refrigerators. This article covers the best single-door refrigerators for this year, as well as aspects to consider and frequently asked questions. Continue reading to discover more!

Best Single Door Refrigerators with Price List

Best Single Door Refrigerators: Comparison Table

S.No Product Liter Capacity Star Rating Defrost System Product Warranty
1 Samsung 198 L 5 Star 198 L 5 Star Direct Cool 1-year
2 Godrej 190L 5 Star 190 L 5 Star Direct Cool 1-year
3 LG 235 L 4 star 235 L 4 Star Direct Cool 1-year
4 LG 215L 4 Star 215 L 4 Star Direct Cool 1-year
5 Samsung 230L 3 Star 230 L 3 Star Direct Cool 1-year
6 Samsung 225L 4 Star 225 L 4 Star Direct Cool 1-year
7 Samsung 255L 3 Star 255 L 3 Star Direct Cool 1-year
8 Samsung 192L 2 Star 192 L 4 Star Direct Cool 1-year
9 Samsung 198 L 4 Star 198 L 4 Star Direct Cool 1-year
10 LG 190L 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool 1-year
11 Whirlpool 190L 190 L 2 Star Direct Cool 1-year
12 Godrej 190 L 3 Star 190 L 3 Star Direct Cool 1-year
13 Haier 195 L 195 L 4 Star Direct Cool 1-year
14 Kelvinator 95 liters 95 L 1 Star Direct Cool 1-year
15 Godrej 99 Liter 99 L 2 Star Direct Cool 1-year
16 LG Mini Refrigerator 45L 45 L 2 Star Direct Cool 1-year
17 Godrej Qube 30 L None Manual Defrost 1-year


Best 5 Star Single Door Refrigerators

1. Samsung 198 L 5 Star – Check Discount Price

Samsung 198 L 5 Star With a 5-star energy rating, this Samsung refrigerator is the best option for those looking to get a good fridge that does not cost you a fortune in electricity bills. This unit makes excellent use of its 198-liter storage as this is divided into 24 liters of freezer capacity and 174 liters of fresh food capacity.  It allows the consumer to have enough space to store frozen food, ice trays, and fresh produce like vegetables or meat. The storage capacity is more significant than its Godrej counterpart, which has the same star rating but a smaller capacity of 190 liters. It is highly energy-efficient as it is equipped with a digital inverter compressor that adjusts the cooling temperature according to need. The fridge has toughened glass shelves which have a holding capacity of 175 kgs, so the unit is capable of storing bulky food like watermelons or steaks. Furthermore, it is solar energy compatible. So, it is a good option for those looking to shift to a greener, eco-friendly power alternative.
Pros Cons
Fit for small spaces. The light intensity of the fridge bulb reduces over time.
Stylish design.  
Capable of storing bulky food such as watermelons, steaks, etc.  

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2. Godrej 190L 5 Star – Check Discount Price

Godrej 190L 5 Star Perfect for a family of two to three members, this Godrej refrigerator has an innovative design that combines intelligent features and efficient operation. It has a 190-liter storage capacity which is less than its Samsung counterpart making it great for nuclear families. This fridge has toughened glass shelves that can hold all kinds of bulky foods weighing 150 kgs. You can easily make a week’s worth of meals and store them on these durable shelves. The inverter technology uses a variable speed compressor to adjust cooling according to need, so the fridge will never have too much or too little cooling.  As a bonus, it comes with a dry storage drawer in which you can store vegetables that do not need refrigeration, like onions, potatoes, etc.
Pros Cons
Features glossy finish with floral pattern. It can only store a single ice tray.
Shelves have a load capacity of 150 kgs.  
20 liters of dedicated storage space for vegetables.  

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Best Single Door Refrigerators Above 200 Liter

1. LG 235 L 4 star –  Check Discount Price

LG 235 L 4 star If you have a medium-sized family with four to six members, this unit will cater to your food storage needs perfectly. It has a 235-liter storage capacity. However, it has a 4-star rating which means it is less energy efficient than the Samsung 198L and the Godrej 190L fridges. Alternatively, it carries more storage space than both of these models. Fitted with excellent quality toughened glass shelves and a load capacity of 175 kg, this fridge can hold a good amount of food with ease. Its hold capacity is larger than the Godrej 190L refrigerator, making it a better option for storing more food. Poorly designed fridges often make a continuous unpleasant sound which can be pretty annoying. To avoid this scenario, this unit has an intelligent inverter compressor which ensures a noise-free and stabilizer-free operation. Your kitchen will not sound like a battlefield, and you can easily ignore electricity fluctuations.
Pros Cons
Sufficient for a family of four to six people. Base stand installation can be tricky.
Operates without any noise.  
Features spacious vegetable tray and freezer tray.  

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2. LG 215L 4 Star – Check Discount Price

LG 215L 4 Star If you do not need the humongous space offered by LG 235, then the LG 215 refrigerator is an excellent option as it has less storage than the former, making it suitable for smaller families. Equipped with smart inverter technology, this 175 kg capacity unit will automatically connect to an inverter in case of a power outage which is pretty standard in some regions. It is perfect for those living in areas with frequent power cut-offs as it will save you a considerable amount of money annually on electricity bills. You no longer have to worry about your vegetables or fruits losing their freshness post storage in the fridge as this unit features a smartly designed lattice-patterned box cover. This traps the moisture and maintains it at an optimum level so fruits and vegetables can stay fresh for longer. The fridge can make ice quickly in just 108 minutes. You do not have to worry about enjoying non-chilled beverages ever again.
Pros Cons
Suitable for a family of four. It makes an unpleasant noise while operating.
Can store 175 kgs of food.  
Easy to clean.  

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3. Samsung 230L 3 Star – Check Discount Price

Samsung 230L 3 Star If you’re on a budget but want something similar to the Samsung 235L, this unit is the perfect option for you. It has a 230-liter storage capacity which is just five liters less than the former, and a lower energy rating, which is why it costs less than the Samsung 235L.  This refrigerator has an excellent design that ensures convenient food storage. It is equipped with spill-proof toughened glass, sturdy enough to hold several food items, and can be easily cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about any constant annoying buzzing sounds many affordable units make while operating. Its safe, clean back feature, which essentially is a safety cover protects the critical internal components of the fridge from accidental bumps. This safety cover can also be wiped clean and gives a neat look to the fridge.
Pros Cons
Simple and classy design to match any kitchen interior. Features a very short power cable.
Has a noise-free operation.  

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4. Samsung 225L 4 Star – Check Discount Price

Samsung 225L 4 Star Want a modern refrigerator that you can control externally? This Samsung refrigerator is a great option. It is equipped with a digital inverter compressor that adjusts the cooling temperature according to requirements. This feature can be controlled externally through the control panel present on the outside. Furthermore, this ensures efficient energy consumption and cost-effective operation. This will reflect in reduced electricity bills. Compared to the Samsung 235L model, it has less storage space making it suitable for a small family of four.   Storing vegetables that need not be refrigerated is always a hassle. To counter this, the unit provides a base stand drawer which gives you extra space for storing them. Fitting large bottles in a relatively compact fridge is often tricky; however, this unit is designed to have plenty of space in the door for storing large bottles, fresh vegetables, and even sauces.
Pros Cons
Offers easy and smart digital access. Handle wears down over time.
An eco-friendly design that is solar compatible.  
Keeps food items fresh for days.  

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5. Samsung 255L 3 Star – Check Discount Price

Samsung 255L 3 Star This stunning Samsung refrigerator isn’t just a treat for the eyes but has a highly functional design as well. Its sturdy construction features toughened glass shelves that can hold 175 kgs. You can conveniently store a month’s worth of food on these shelves.  It is more spacious than the Samsung 235L and Samsung 225L. This makes it suitable for a medium-sized family. It has a lower star rating than both Samsung 235L and Samsung 225L, which displays how it is less energy efficient than the two. This unit has a safety back cover to protect vital internal components from accidental damage. This further ensures smooth operation. Plus, the fridge also has an antibacterial gasket that prevents microorganism build-up. It is effortless to clean.
Pros Cons
Ample internal storage, which can hold various food items. Features a small power cord that needs an extension.
It can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth.  
Sturdy shelves capable of holding 175 kgs.  

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Best Single Door Refrigerators Below 200 Liter

1. Samsung 192L 2 Star – Check Discount Price

Samsung 192L 2 Star The Samsung 192L is the perfect unit for those on a budget. It has a 192L capacity which makes it suitable for 2-3 individuals. Compared to other models offered by Samsung like 190L or 198L, it compromises the energy efficiency and storage front but proves to be a much more affordable option than the two. It also features a unique and intelligent option often limited to higher-end models. This is the power freeze button. The power freeze feature accelerates ice cube production by 31 times compared to regular ice making.  Furthermore, it has toughened glass shelves that hold several heavy food items and beverages. The antibacterial gasket prevents bacteria and fungi build-up inside the fridge and keeps the door liner clean. 
Pros Cons
It has a deep door guard, which enables the storage of large bottles. Has a noisy operation.
Stylish design to match modern kitchen aesthetic.  
Affordable for many.  

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2. Samsung 198 L 4 Star – Check Discount Price

Samsung 198 L 4 Star You do not see doubles! There are two models of the Samsung 198L refrigerator. A key difference between the two is that the previously mentioned Samsung 198L has an improved energy star rating which makes it a more expensive option. This unit has the same storage space but a lower energy star rating, so it is the budget-friendly version of the same fridge. This unit can be operated on solar energy, so if you want to switch to a solar-powered system, this would be an excellent investment. It has a stabilizer-free operation which essentially means that it can operate steadily with slight power fluctuations. However, if the voltage increases too much, it will cut the power automatically to prevent any damage to the unit. Equipped with digital inverter technology, this refrigerator adjusts cooling according to the need. This is beneficial because the unit runs on optimum energy, and power is not wasted. This will result in a reduced electricity bill.
Pros Cons
Bright and colorful design. Not the best designed water tray.
Detailed user manual for easy installation.  
Durable shelves can hold up to 175 kgs.  

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3. LG 190L Refrigerator – Check Discount Price

LG 190L The LG 190L is a smartly designed, budget-friendly refrigerator with an intelligent inverter compressor and intelligent connect features. The functionality of the smart inverter compressor is that it ensures steady operation even with slight power fluctuations to prevent any electrical damage to the refrigerator.  In case of sudden surges in voltage, the compressor inverter automatically cuts the power off. Its innovative connect feature essentially connects the fridge to the inverter immediately in case of a power outage. This unit is similar to the Godrej 190L refrigerator in storage capacity. However, it has a lower energy star rating than the latter and is more affordable. Equipped with toughened glass shelves with a load capacity of 175 kgs, you can store heavier food items without worrying about it being unable to handle the load.  
Pros Cons
Large vegetable basket to store more fresh produce. It tends to make noise while operating.
Spacious door basket capable of storing large bottles.  
Can make ice in just 108 minutes.  

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4. Whirlpool 190L Refrigerator – Check Discount Price

Whirlpool 190L This Whirlpool 190L refrigerator has a spacious design suitable for a small family of two or three members. If you were looking for something similar to the Godrej 190L or LG 190L but at an affordable price, this unit is perfect. It has a lower star efficiency rating than these models but is significantly more affordable than the two with the same storage space.  It features a honeycomb lock-in mechanism, and what this does is lock in the moisture and keep it at an optimum level, so the vegetables and fruits you store retain their freshness for a more extended period.  Furthermore, it features insulated capillary technology where the capillary carrying the refrigerant to the compressor is encompassed by cold gas. In other models, the capillary that carries the refrigerant loses cooling in case of power cuts, but since a cool gas surrounds it in this unit,  it retains the cooling for longer and keeps your food items fresh.
Pros Cons
Adjustable rack to store various food items. It needs to be defrosted often due to excess ice formation.
Offers cooling retention of up to 9 hrs to keep food fresh.  
Moisture lock-in technology keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh.  

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5. Godrej 190 L 3 Star – Check Discount Price

Godrej 190 L 3 Star This Godrej 190L refrigerator is well-designed, budget-friendly, and has several intelligent features like anti-chiller technology and antimicrobial resistance. The anti-chiller technology’s benefit is that it insulates the chiller tray underneath. This prevents any droplets from freezing there, and you do not have to worry about defrosting the unit.  The air ducts of this fridge have silver ions present in them, which, when combined with the gasket, prevent microbial growth. In turn, the stored food is kept fresh. The door of this unit can store large or jumbo-sized bottles with ease. A significant difference between this Godrej 190L refrigerator and the previously mentioned Godrej 190L fridge is the energy star rating. This unit has a 3-star energy rating, whereas the other model has a 5-star energy rating. It is, therefore, the more affordable fridge out of the two.
Pros Cons
Large vegetable tray to store ample fresh produce. Power cords need an extension to connect to the power source.
Stylish design to complement kitchen aesthetic.  
Durable shelves that can hold several food items.  

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6. Haier 195 L – Check Discount Price

Haier 195 L The Haier 195L refrigerator is perhaps one of the most energy-efficient units out there. If you are looking for a refrigerator with an intelligent design and reduced energy consumption, this is a great pick. It has a 4-star energy rating and has an annual energy consumption of 130 kWh/year, which is significantly less than its counterparts, such as the Godrej 190L, 3-star. This unit carries not only a better energy star rating but also an improved 195-liter storage capacity making it perfect for a small to medium-sized family. It features a unique hour-icing technology. This means that it can make ice cubes within an hour, whereas most models take two hours and above to do this. Furthermore, a key feature of this refrigerator is its thick PUF insulation which prevents the coolant from leaking and helps retain cooling temperatures. This keeps the food you have stored fresh for hours, even in cases of a power outage. It is also equipped with a defrost button which you can use to defrost the ice accumulated in the freezer section.
Pros Cons
It is insulated with Polyurethane rigid foam for excellent cooling retention. It collects ice too quickly and needs to be defrosted often.
Can conveniently operate regardless of fluctuating voltage.  
Features sturdy shelves.  

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Best Single Door Refrigerators Below 100 Liters

1. Kelvinator 95 liters – Check Discount Price

Kelvinator 95 liters If you buy a fridge just for yourself or for two people, this Kelvinator model is a good option. It has a compact design which does not take up much space and will fit a small living space perfectly. It has a stabilizer-free operation which means you do not have to invest in an additional stabilizer to provide a steady voltage to this unit. Its compressor has a wide voltage range, so it adjusts to the power fluctuations accordingly. Even with a compact design, this unit uses internal space well. The basket in the door can store large bottles easily, and its sturdy, toughened glass shelves hold heavy food items like vegetables, steaks, etc., without getting damaged.
Pros Cons
Fit for small spaces. It needs to be defrosted often as it collects ice too frequently.
An excellent option for those on a budget.  
Sleek and metallic look to match most kitchen aesthetics.  

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2. Godrej 99 Liter – Check Discount Price

Godrej 99 Liter This Godrej 99 liter has a compact design that utilizes space efficiently to allow maximum storage. It is an excellent option for couples or bachelors who do not require tons of storage space.  It has an intelligent design with wired shelves, an insulated chiller tray, and advanced inverter technology. The inverter technology of this unit adjusts the compressor’s speed according to the cooling needs of the food items. The benefit this provides is that power is consumed in a more efficient manner which reduces electricity bills.  Its wired shelves are durable and capable of handling heavy loads, so you can store several items without worrying about them getting damaged. Furthermore, the chiller tray of this unit is insulated below, so there is no ice formation there that needs to be defrosted later.  This unit has a 5-year warranty on the compressor, which is less than the standard 10-years warranty you would get with most products. 
Pros Cons
An affordable option for those on a budget. The light bulb isn’t the best quality.
Has a noise-less and quiet operation.  
Optimum space utilization so it can store various foods.  

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Best Single Door Refrigerators Below 50 Liters

1. LG Mini Refrigerator 45L – Check Discount Price

LG Mini Refrigerator 45L This unit is the perfect fridge for single-person use. It has a compact design which is perfect for smaller layouts and spaces. You can also use it as an additional or secondary fridge placed in the basement or inside your room for personal use. It can be used to store medicine or snacks as well. This unit has a freezer compartment that can store one or two ice trays and a spacious, fresh produce section to store vegetables, fruits, beverages, etc. It has a simple design with a sleek metallic outlook which would look good in most rooms. Furthermore, this unit has an Inverter Linear Compressor, which operates at constant power during fluctuation.  
Pros Cons
Stylish recess handle, which offers easy access to the fridge. Defrosting is a hassle.
Simple design.  
Fit for small spaces.  

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2. Godrej Qube – Check Discount Price

Godrej Qube This Godrej Qube mini fridge has a capacity of 30 liters which is less than the LG 45L mini-fridge. Thus, storage will be limited in this unit. Its compact design is perfect for frequent movers, bachelors, and those looking for a smaller fridge. It has a single temperature setting and does not have any freezer compartment. It does not make ice and does not need to be defrosted. This unit can be used as a secondary fridge to store medicines, keep fresh produce and fruits, or as a bedroom fridge to store snacks and beverages.  It has a simple design that does not have any moving parts or components; thus, it can be easily cleaned. It also does not require frequent repairs or maintenance due to a lack of moving parts. Furthermore, this unit features a compressor-free configuration which means that it will not make any noise while operating, nor does it have refrigerants that are harmful to the environment. 
Pros Cons
It does not need to be defrosted. It cannot be used for freezing or deep-freezing operations.
Reduces electricity bills due to energy-efficient functionality.  
It is insulated with PUF to keep food fresh longer.  

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Single Door Refrigerator Buying Guide

There are many options available for single-door refrigerators in the market, making it challenging to select one if you are not sure what to look for. One is left wondering where to start, what to look for, and which features to consider to get a good product. Don’t worry! We have got your back! Here are some aspects to consider when buying a single door refrigerator:

Storage and capacity

You need to select a refrigerator that caters to the size of your family. The storage capacity of a fridge is measured in cubic feet. Consider the number of people in your family and the number of groceries you store when determining the required cubic feet. For a medium family of four people, 20 cu. ft. storage is required. A larger family may need 30 cu. ft., whereas a family of two will require about 12-16 cu. ft. storage.

Space and Layout

The space you intend to place the refrigerator in and the layout of your kitchen need to be considered before buying the product. Measure the depth, width, and height of the space you locate to ensure your fridge fits fine. Make sure there is enough space in the back to ensure ventilation. There should be enough space for the hinge of the refrigerator and for its doors to open conveniently.  


Perhaps the most fun part of buying a refrigerator is choosing between the different finishes and colors available to match your kitchen aesthetic. The colors range from traditional black and white to fun options with a pop of color. It can be beneficial to opt for a unit with a fingerprint-resistant finish as it is easy to wipe and gives a cleaner look.

Energy Rating

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency gives every refrigerator a star rating depending upon conditions laid by the Bureau itself. This rating reflects how efficient the product is and ranges between a single star to five stars. A product with a one-star rating isn’t energy-efficient and will consume a considerable amount of power to run. In contrast, a five-star rating corresponds with excellent energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Single Door Refrigerators better than Double door refrigerators?

There are both advantages and disadvantages of single-door refrigerators compared with double doors. Strictly in terms of energy consumption, single door refrigerators take the medal as they use 30 to 40% less energy than double door refrigerators. This will save you money on your electricity bills. However, in terms of space and aesthetics, double-door refrigerators have the lead.

What is the average life of a refrigerator?

Data provided by the United States Department of Energy suggests that, on average, a refrigerator lasts about 12 years. After this point, it likely needs to be replaced. The average life of a refrigerator will be affected by the brand and quality of the product. The refrigerator may need to be replaced before it stops working if it isn’t energy efficient.

How do you know if your refrigerator is dying?

Several signs suggest that your refrigerator is dying, and you may need to replace it soon. Here are some you should keep an eye out for to avoid inconvenience:
  • The refrigerator is over 10 to 12 years old.
  • The food you are storing has started to go bad quicker than before.
  • There is an excessive amount of frost present.
  • There are tiny water droplets on the fridge exterior, which usually is a sign of a problem with its gasket or seal.
  • Cracks on the exterior or interior walls of the product.
Get a professional opinion on whether you need to replace or repair your refrigerator post noticing any of these signs.


Buying a new refrigerator can be a hefty investment which is why one needs to be careful in selecting the product. Single door refrigerators are an excellent option for those who primarily store fresh produce or have a small family. Hopefully, this review and buying guide was able to help you find the best single-door refrigerator that caters to your food storage needs.

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