Samsung AC Review (June 2023)

Samsung AC Review

As summer approaches, people seek air conditioners and coolers for relief and comfort. It is when they check if their cooling units are working well. Either they want to upgrade the unit or buy the new one. But with the plethora of options available in the market, it is difficult to choose the new one. It might create questions about whether to look for 1-ton, 1.5-ton, or 2-ton. Window air conditioner or split ac can work wonders. To sort this out, we are here with the Samsung ac review, which includes all the models of Samsung wind-free ac.

Samsung is a renowned name in technology and innovation that constantly delivers cutting-edge products and services. Samsung covers almost every category, from refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, smartphones, air conditioners, tablets, and televisions, with commitment, and quality, and is known for reliability and convenience.

This article covers all about the technology which Samsung uses in AC. What is Wind-Free in Samsung AC? Does WindFree mode helps in saving electricity? 

Quick Comparison of the Top Models

This informative article will cover all the Samsung models based on features and performance. We will also explain the wind-free technology which Samsung uses. So let’s discuss all the models. 

Below is the list of all wind-free ac 

Samsung AC: Reviews

Before starting let’s quickly discuss the similarities, differences, and what are technologies do they use:

Looks and Exterior

These Samsung acs comes in white with a matte look. It has 23000 micro holes, which consume less energy, up to 77%. Additionally, they produce less noise of 23 dB compared to other models, which creates up to 45 dB.

These are the features and technology which samsung use in the above mentioned models.

Features and Specifications

Here are the features and specifications for the mentioned model in the price list.

Wind-free Technology

Windfree is the unique technology that only samsung ac uses to deliver a comfortable and gentle cooling experience and minimize the direct airflow. It comprises 23000 micro holes, which reduces 77% power consumption. This technology uses a two-step cooling process, and you can run it in both modes. If you want intense airflow, use it for normal mode, and if you are looking for gentle cooling, look for a wind-free option that provides an evenly cooled area through thousands of micro holes on the front panel. It is equipped with 5-in-1 convertible modes, which you can change as per the requirements from 40 to 120%, which provides you the hyper cooling option. Plus, it helps in saving energy which lowers your electricity bills.

Copper Condenser

The next feature is the copper condenser. Initially, Samsung used the alloy condenser, which was less efficient and expensive, which hampered its performance and sale. So Samsung started using copper condensers, which are durable and affordable. Plus, services are available everywhere. It is also equipped with an anti-rust coating called durafin ultra preventing it from corrosion.

Air Filters

The samsung AC is equipped with antibacterial and anti-allergic filters, which keep it away from bacteria and other harmful pollutants and make the air clean and healthy.

Smart Control & Installation

These AC uses many smart and advanced features like wi-fi connectivity, google alexa, voice command means you can easily monitor it with just the use of a remote. Plus it is equipped with smart installation features which allow you to check at the time of installation if the AC has been installed correctly. If it has not been installed correctly it will show an error. Plus installation is also provided by the brand. 

Self Diagnose

Self diagnose feature in the ac helps in easily detecting the error codes or faults in the ac and resolves them.

R-32 Gas

R-32 gas is environmentally friendly in these ACs, which is sustainable compared to other options.

Stabilizer-free Operation

The stabilizer-free operation is mainly used in refrigerators and air conditioners. It means some appliances are designed to handle voltage fluctuations within a particular range. So if an air conditioner performs the stabilizer-free operation, it can easily operate without requiring additional external voltage.

Samsung AC Pros and Cons


  • Wind-free Technology
  • 5 years Comprehensive warranty which almost includes everything
  • Expandable Cooling Support
  • Installation Checker
  • Freeze Clean Technology


  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • Fewer ISSER Values mean less energy-efficient as compared to other brands.
  • Not power efficient 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of WindFree AC?

The advantage of Wind-free AC is it can work on a two-step cooling process. Plus, you can also run it manually as well as wind-free mode. But the normal mode will automatically turn off as you are on the wind free. However, this tip is mostly useful at night because it will make ac less efficient during the day.

Is Samsung WindFree worth it?

Yes, Samsung wind-free ac is worth it as it helps you to provide gentle cooling with the efficient cleaning method of freeze-wash technology.

Is Samsung AC good?

Samsung is one of the reliable brands available in india, so if you are looking for the best available brand, samsung ac can work wonders.

Which AC is better, Voltas or Samsung?

Both Samsung and ac are good brands and make reliable products. However, Voltas provides affordable ac as compared to Samsung, which mainly focuses on technology and innovation.

Which AC is better, Daikin or Samsung?

In terms of split AC, Daikin is known for its powerful cooling system; however, Samsung known for its performance and innovation.


To sum it up, we have given a complete review of the Samsung ac, including a detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages. It will help determine the best ac model per your requirements. But we may have missed any model, or do you have any model in your mind? Let me know in the comments below.

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