Highest ISEER Rating ac in India (June 2023)

Highest ISEER Ratigng AC

Are you seeking the highest ISEER rating ac? When the temperature rises during summer, staying cool and comfortable is the top priority for everyone, and air conditioners and air coolers are the must-have appliances. However, when it comes to air conditioning units, user rating, and energy-saving features are a powerful combination to keep you cool and make a sustainable environment. Compared to other options, opting for the highest ISEER rating consumes less electricity and delivers maximum cooling. This way, you can enjoy a cool environment without worrying about energy consumption.

But what is an ISEER rating? Is a higher ISEER rating better? And which models should you look for with the best air conditioner brands options available in the Indian market?

In this article, we have listed all the best models available with the highest ISEER rating, which will help you find the best one. We have also covered some of the FAQs which might be on your mind while buying an ac. Before starting reviews, let’s look at what exactly the ISEER rating is.

What is ISEER Rating?

Iseer is a parameter to check the energy efficiency of air conditioners and stands for Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the Iseer rating, the higher the energy efficiency will be and consume less energy. If we talk about the window AC, the range varies from 2.6 to 2.87, and for spilled ac in 3 stars, 1 ton or 1.5 ton varies from 3.3 to 3.50, and if it exceeds 3.50, it is for 5 stars rated AC.

What is a good ISEER rating for AC?

For Window ACs, if the ISEER is between 2.7 and 2.89, then it is a 1-star AC. A range of 2.9-3.09 is a 2-star AC, 3.1-3.29 is a 3-star AC, and 3.3-3.49 is a 4-star AC. Anything beyond 3.5 is 5-star AC.

Our Top Picks

Daikin 1 ton ac has the highest rating of 6.2 and is the highest energy efficient.

Quick Comparison of the Top Models

In this comprehensive article, we will go through the highest ISEER rating models available in the Indian market with in-depth reviews which will make your selection procedure easier. Our main motive is to examine all the models and help you decide to match your cooling needs. 

Now moving forward, here are the detailed reviews of the top available models.

Highest ISEER Rating ac 2023: Reviews

Here are the In-depth reviews of each model.

When it comes to the highest ISEER rating, Daikin is the first and foremost brand to consider, which comes with the ISEER rating of 6.2- The highest in class plus, with the 5-star rating, it is the most energy-efficient model. This 1-ton ac is perfect for small size rooms.

It has many advanced features like remote control, coanda and 3d air flow, inverter compressor, and turbo cooling. With 2.5 PM filters and dust and anti-bacterial filter, it helps you provide clean and healthy air. Dehumidier is a plus which maintains the moisture level in the room.

The next option in our list is LG(1-ton ac), the most trusted brand with an ISEER rating of 5.20 and an energy rating of 5 stars. It comes under the range of 40000, with the variable speed compressor helping adjust the power depending on the heat load. Ocean black coating prevents it from rusting and corrosion. It is equipped with the AI Convertible 6-in-1, through which you can increase or decrease the cooling capacity as needed. Self-diagnosis can help you find the error codes in the AC and dry mode, keeping you away from extra moisture.

This carrier ac is a perfect option with an ISEER rating of 5.13 if you want maximum cooling with less power consumption. This split ac in 1.5 tons has an energy rating of 5 stars.

This ac has many features like a pure copper condenser for preventing corrosion and variable speed compressor technology for adjusting the power. With 6-in-1 mode, it can save 50% of energy. Additionally, PM 2.5 filters deliver clean air. Other features include ADC sensors, hidden display, and follow me function. (Check all Carrier AC review here)

Panasonic is the no1 Japanese brand with an ISEER rating of 5.10 and an energy rating of 5 stars. This ac has 7 in 1 convertible mode, saving 40 to 90%. Available in 1.5 tons, it can cover small-sized rooms or areas. Copper tubing is for better heat exchange and cooling, plus copper condenser prevents it from rusting, making it a durable product. The four-way swing can evenly cool the room while dry mode removes extra moisture and creates a comfortable environment.

What’s more, the modern and advanced feature is you can control it with google alexa. It is also Wi-Fi enabled and has a MirAie app which can easily detect the temperature and monitor the status.

Lastly, the LG model in 1 ton comes with an ISEER rating of 5.2 and an energy efficiency of 5 stars. This ac has a variable speed compressor that adjusts the power depending on the heat load and is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. With six in-one cooling mode, which saves energy, and anti-virus protects it from the virus. Ocean black filter prevents it from corrosion and rusting. Other features include a mute function, sleep mode, auto restart, and a smart diagnosis system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a higher Iseer rating better?

Yes, the higher the Iseer, the higher the model will be energy efficient and consume less power, lowering your electricity bills.

What is the difference between SEER and ISEER?

The energy efficiency of air conditioners is directly proportional to the SEER rating. Higher ISEER is used to define energy efficiency. However, SEER rating is the ratio of cooling output and is measured in BTU.

How do I increase my SEER rating?

  • Regularly change air filters.
  • Perform regular HVAC maintenance.

Which ISEER rating is good for AC?

Recent updates show that an ISEER rating of 5 is best for Air conditioners.

Which AC is the most energy-efficient?

If you are looking for the best energy-efficient ac, Daikin’s 1 Ton 5-star inverter split AC is the perfect option with the ISEER rating of 6.2.

How much electricity can I save annually by using high ISEER rating ACs?

You can save sufficient electricity annually; however, it depends on the brand and model you use.

What is the ISEER rating of LG AC?

LG AC has a user rating of 5.20.


Exploring the highest ISEER rating in 2023 led us to a remarkable selection of acs available. These best models not only provide comfort and the best cooling experience but also provide energy savings. Investing in these models allows you to enjoy the summer and make it a comfortable and win-win solution.

To summarize, we have covered all the best, highest ISEER rating options available. Hope this will help you out in making a clear choice. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

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