Best Air Cooler Under 15000 [2023]: In-depth Reviews

Best Air Cooler Under 15000

Using air coolers is an efficient and effective way to beat the heat during summer. Plus, these are cost-effective and energy-efficient as compared to air conditioners.

If you have a budget of 15000 which is a very good amount, while buying an air cooler. But many options are available in the market in terms of size, cooling capacity, tank capacity, specifications and advanced features. No matter what you are looking for, this article will take a brief look at all the available air cooler options under 15000, which will help you make the right decision. 

In this article, I have covered the best air coolers available under 15000 with actual reviews, specifications, benefits, and disadvantages. I hope it will help you find the best one per your requirements. I have also included some of the FAQS which will help in making a good decision.

So without further ado, let’s take a look individually. 

Points Considered while Reviewing this Article

There were numerous factors to consider when selecting & reviewing these air coolers. Here I have listed some of the important factors that greatly affected the selection process.

  • Portability

  • Blower Power

  • Power Consumption 

  • Honeycomb Pads

  • Noise Level

Time Spent on this Guide

The total time spent on this guide, from researching about the technology & products to testing them is 16.5 hours.

Time went into research
Time spent selecting the products
2 Hours
Time went into testing
5.5 Hours

Our Top Picks

Symphony Touch 80 Personal Air Cooler offers a unique combination of efficiency, convenience, and versatility, making it an excellent cooling solution for personal use.

Bajaj DMH80 Wave is built using high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

Quick Comparison of the Top Models

In this article, I have covered all the best air coolers under 15000 based on their specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. I have gone through each model and researched for you to help you make an informed and right decision.

Let’s read about them one by one.

Best Air Cooler Under 15000: In-depth Reviews

Here are the In-depth reviews of each model.

9Our Score
Best for Capacity

  • 65 Liter Tank Capacity
  • 4 Way Air Deflection
  • Motor Overload Protector
  • Everlast Pump
  • Auto Drain Pump
  • Mosquito Net
  • Auto Fill
  • Humidity Control
  • Wider Angle Air Throw
  • 18 Degree Fan
  • Inverter Compatible
  • Ice Chamber
  • Control Panel
  • Fully Collapsible Louvers
  • Water Level Indicators
  • Castor Wheels

If you want powerful air cooling with good looks, this air cooler from  Crompton is the way-to-go option under 15000. Available in white and black colour this can enhance the look of any home, while castor wheels are an excellent addition to moving from one place to another.

Loaded with so many features, it has a massive capacity and a water tank of upto 65 litres. 4-way air deflection evenly distributes the air in the room. The motor overload protector ensures that the cooler is safe and protects it from any electrical faults.

The honeycomb pads are for higher water retention resulting in maximum cooling. The 18-degree fan helps deliver air for the larger areas, while inverter compatibility lets it work even when the light is absent. 

Auto drain pumps remove the excess oil and prevent the formation of dust and bacteria. The Autofill feature makes it convenient to use while filling water. The humidity control feature helps maintain the temperature. 

The bigger ice tray, which is really easy to clean, adds an extra boost of cooling during hot summers. The fully collapsible louvres make it easy to clean and maintain the cooler. The water level indicators help keep track of the tank’s water level.

One year of warranty makes it a great fit. 

What I Liked
  • The one thing I like the most is its mosquito net features, which is rarely found in any cooler and very less brand provides. It stops the mosquitos from the cooler and stops dust.

  • The build quality was nice

  • Durable body

  • Very light in weight

  • As compared to other brands the noise level is less

  • The outer design is best in class

  • The other thing which I like is that biggest Ice chamber of around 500 gram or 1 ltr box ice cube can be fixed easily

  • A 3 pin plug which is missing in the symphony coolers

  • Fully collapsible louvers which prevents the cooler from front when not in use.

  • Higher air flow even on the low settings

  • Good quality castor wheels for easy manoeuvre

What I Disliked
  • The biggest problem with it is the short power cord length was very less, about 1.5m only

  • Front opening is missing which may be hard for you sometimes to open as there is a combination of plastic latches and screws which are pointy at times which makes it hard to clean

  • When it's new honeycomb pads smell although it will go in some time may be in a day or two.

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The Symphony Storm 70 XL Desert Air Cooler is a perfect choice if you are looking for a compact way to cool down your room’s air. It can quickly cool a region of up to 37 square meters. 

With a well-designed and compact look, this air cooler is white. Packed with many features, i-pure technology made from multiple filters helps remove bacteria, smell, pollen and other harmful contaminants. 

The long-lasting dura pump provides uninterrupted and efficient cooling for long periods, giving cool air for a more extended period. The higher-efficiency honeycomb pads provide cool and fresh air for higher water retention. 

The cool flow dispenser helps fill and distribute water evenly, resulting in efficient cooling.

It costs significantly less than 200 watts, making it energy efficient and lowering your bills. Though the inverter is compatible, it can work even when electricity is absent.

One year of warranty gives you peace of mind.

9Our Score
Best for Even Cooling

  • Perfectly fit for the area of 37 square meters
  • i-pure technology
  • The long-lasting dura pump
  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • The Cool Flow Dispenser
  • Uses only about 200 Watts of energy
  • Inverter Compatible
  • 70-liter water tank
  • Water level indicator
  • 1 Year of warranty
What I Liked
  • It has compact size and Lightweight

  • It can cool 300 sq ft

  • Cooling is good

  • Thicker honeycomb pads

  • Good Air throw

  • Compact for the size

  • Good air on the low speed setting

What I Disliked
  • High cost

  • Cleaning is difficult

  • High noise level

  • No ice chamber

  • Customer services aren’t that good

  • It doesn’t have remote to control

  • Not suitable for places with temp more than 35 degrees

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8.5Our Score
Best for Energy-efficiency

  • Perfect for Rooms up to an Area of 33 Square Meters
  • I-Pure Technology
  • Long-Lasting Dura Pump
  • Aspen Cooling Pads
  • Collapsible Louvers
  • 185 Watts of Energy
  • 80-Liter Water Tank
  • Ergonomically Designed of the Dial Knobs

The Symphony Touch 80 Air Cooler is a perfect solution under 15000 for a cool and comfortable living space. This air cooler is perfect for room size or area upto 33 square meters, making it a perfect option for  homes and small offices.

 This air cooler uses only 185 watts of energy making it one of the energy-efficient options. With 80 litre of huge capacity it avoids the hassle of refilling the tank many times.

The aspen cooling pad enhances the cooling effect by retaining more water for longer periods and the long-lasting Dura Pump ensures consistent and efficient cooling. 

The collapsible louvers allow the air evenly in all directions. 

The ergonomically designed dial knobs make it easy to operate and adjust the cooler’s settings according to your preference.

With the one-year warranty, you’ll be sure that you are investing in the right products. 

What I Liked
  • Uniform Airflow

  • Cool flow dispenser

  • Inverter compatible

  • Powerful Blower

What I Disliked
  • Less cooling

  • As per my experience If you’ll sit in front of the cooler only you’ll get a good cooling

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If you are looking for an effective way to cool every corner of your room, bajaj’sDMH80 Wave Desert cooler is the most reliable model to look for. So no matter what your requirements are. Whether you would like to cool an office or home, this is the perfect option to look for. 

With 80 litres of huge capacity, this air cooler has enough capacity. Turbofan technology is fan-based cooling for efficient cooling of air. The antibacterial technology of honeycomb pads prevents the growth of bacteria. The hexagonal design is for evenly cooling while consuming less water.

The Bajaj Air Cooler is equipped with Turbo Fan Technology, which ensures maximum air delivery of 4500 cubic meters per hour, providing a powerful 60 feet air throw. 

The Bajaj Air Cooler is also equipped with a 3-speed control setting, allowing you to adjust the cooling level per your requirements. 

One year of warranty makes sure to give peace of mind. 

8Our Score
Best for Efficient Cooling

  • 80 Litres of Water Tank Capacity
  • 4500 Cubic Meter / HR
  • Antibacterial Technology
  • Turbo Fan Technology
  • 60 Feet Powerful Air Throw
  • 3 Speed Control
  • Hexacool Technology
  • Super Air Delivery
What I Liked
  • Reliable brand

  • Easy to use

  • Prevent growth of bacteria

  • Super air delivery

What I Disliked
  • After sales services are not good.

  • The castor wheel quality is not good.

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8.5Our Score
Best for Looks

  • Cord Winding Station
  • Powerful Air-Delivery
  • Smell-Free
  • Thicker honeycomb pads of 40mm
  • Fully Collapsible Louvers
  • 16 inch Aluminum Blade Fan
  • Adjustable Speed

Available in the white and grey, colour I feel this havells Celia air cooler is the stylish and perfect way to add elegance to your home. If you are looking for an air cooler with modern looks and the best cooling capacity, this model from havells is the perfect option. 

With a capacity of 70 litres, sufficient for the complete night means, it allows you to sleep without interrupting as you don’t need to worry about refilling the tank. Good quality and thicker honeycomb pads of 40 mm are for higher water retention. The adjustable speed lets you adjust as per the requirements, plus it has a 16 inches aluminium blade fan for powerful air throw. 

1 year of warranty makes it safe to use without any worry.

What I Liked
What I Disliked
  • Silent Operation

  • Portable

  • The looks are really cool and modern

  • Good build quality

  • Energy-efficient

  • Good quality control knobs

  • Good quality honeycombs

  • A good capacity of 70 litre is enough for a night without hassle of refilling the tank

  • No humidity control option is available

  • No mosquito/dust filter is present

  • Good cooling

  • I would have appreciated if havells have given water inlet-pipe as without it the auto-fill feature has no meaning.

  • It is advisable to move when the tank is empty as when it is filled it is convenient to move.

  • A bit expensive

  • Creates very less noise

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If you want the ultimate way to cool your room’s every corner with fresh and breathable air, the Symphony Cooler is the perfect solution. Available in white, it can cool the region of approximately 37 square meters and is suitable for medium to large-sized rooms, making it a perfect option for a larger space. 

i-Pure Console, made from many filters, removes impurities such as dust, smell, allergen and bacteria. The long-lasting dura pump is effective in cleaning for a long time. 

The cool flow dispenser for even water distribution provides efficient cooling. Consuming very less noise of  190 watts is a very energy-efficient option. The auto louvre movement distributes the air evenly at home. The 75-litre of enough tank capacity is perfect for uninterrupted cooling without refilling it. 

The powerful +Air Fan allows you to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable environment without hassle. The ergonomic control knob is easy to use. 

8Our Score
Best for Features

  • Suitable for rooms up to 37 square meters
  • i-Pure Console
  • Dura Pump
  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • Cool Flow Dispenser
  • Low Power Consumption of 190 watts
  • Auto Louver Movement
  • A big 75-litre tank
  • Powerful +Air Fan
  • The ergonomic control knobs
  • Modern and elegant appearance

What I Liked

What I Disliked

  • Good Looks

  • Good Airthrow

  • Honeycomb Pads

  • Superb Cooling

  • Compact and portable

  • Easy to move

  • Good build quality

  • Little noisy

  • No remote control option

  • Difficult to move around

  • There is no on/off button instead you need to use the speed knob

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best cooler under 15000?

Symphony Touch 80 Personal Air Cooler is the best air cooler under 15000.

Which brand of an air cooler is the best option under 15000?

Symphony and Bajaj are the two best brand options under 15000.

Which cooler is the best plastic or?

However, steel bodies are preferable as they are comparatively more efficient; however, some prefer plastic bodies to prevent rusting and better cooling.

Is desert air cooler good?

Desert air coolers are better than personal coolers for cooling larger rooms. They are larger and consume more energy. They are effective, too, especially for humid regions.


So here I have included all the best air cooler options available in India under 15000. Hope this will help you out in making an informed decision.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

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