Best Air Purifier Under ₹15000 [December 2022] : Reviews & Buying Guide

₹15000 is a  good budget for an air purifier because you can get a more than ordinary air purifier with almost all the features. Of course, you could spend ...

Best Air Purifier Under ₹10000 [December 2022]: Reviews & Buying Guide

₹10,000 is a decent budget that can get you an air purifier with decent features. While you cannot expect top-of-the-line features in this budget, a good air ...

Best Air Purifier for Delhi [December 2022] : Reviews & Buying Guide

Delhi is not new to the problem of air pollution. It has been a matter of concern for several years now, and in fact, the pollution level in Delhi is so high ...

Best Air Purifier for Room [December 2022]: Reviews & Buying Guide

Home air purifiers have been gaining popularity as people become more aware of indoor air quality. We often spend more time indoors than our predecessors, ...

Best Fan / Blower Room Heater in India [December 2022]: Reviews & Buying Guide

Those who live in areas where it gets very cold in the winter know how important a heater is. In India, we experience chilly winters in the country's northern ...

Best Halogen Room Heater in India [December 2022]: Reviews & Buying Guide

Heaters come in various types. One of the most popular types is a halogen heater. The name can be confusing because people assume halogen is the primary ...

Best Oil Filled Room Heaters in India [December 2022] : Reviews and Buying Guide

Room heaters are available in different types that use different technologies, so prices and types may vary. The most common room heaters are fan heaters, ...

Best Water Purifiers for Home [December 2022]: Reviews & Buying Guide

It is no secret that water is the elixir of life and that its quality directly impacts our health. While most of us are fortunate enough to have clean drinking ...

Best Room Heater Under ₹1000 [December 2022] : Reviews & Buying Guide

If you're looking to buy a heater and have a budget under ₹1000, it certainly might be difficult to decide the right pick. With a budget as low as this, it can ...

Best Room Heaters Under ₹1500 [December 2022] : Reviews & Buying Guide

If you have a budget of  ₹ 1500 or less for a room heater, don’t worry, plenty of options are still available. In fact, many room heaters under ₹ 1500 watts ...

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